24 May 2016

Day 13: On Intrigue

A day spent in panic is a day full of wasted energy. And, apparently, I'm a fan of wasting ALL the energy.

It's just so much easier to run around in circles than to do ALL the things. It's so much easier to dream than to realize those dreams. It's almost as if the dream is better than the reality.

Yes - I'm being vague.

And yeah, I'm kinda doing it on purpose.

I was listening to Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? and she said something that really struck me, both professionally and personally.

"Why was I even entertaining this? I don't know why exactly.
Maybe because, well, in spite of everything, I was still intrigued by [...].
I'm not proud of it and it's a little embarrassing to say, but sometimes you like the idea of someone [or something] so much, you just wanna do whatever it takes to make it work."

There are lots of things that intrigue me. I'm pretty much a giant sufferer of "OOH SHINY/ SQUIRREL!" syndrome. 

Oh - you haven't heard of it? Let's probably because you're a healthy, relatively normal, functioning human adult. Congratulations for learning how to focus. Can we get back to me now?

#RealTalk: There's a time & place for intrigue, dudes. There's also a place for reality.

Make sure your intrigue is in line with where you wanna go. And if it isn't, don't try to hard too make it work.

"Whatever it takes" isn't necessary when you've been told a million times by the universe (and those who care about you) that you're wasting your time.

This has been an insightful bummer message by yours truly,

- Steph

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