27 December 2011

Happy Christmas!!!

My Silly Family - taken by Sarah Cortes - Top Left (clockwise)
Sarah (sister), Me, Roger (boyfriend) with kitty & Lita (grandma)
What a wonderful holiday season, dudes! It's been ridiculously busy and I was struggling just to keep up. But I was so stoked to have this many awesome folks ordering nerdity for gifts this holiday!

Some of my new items ended up being hits at shows. I'd meant to actually have these gift sets ready to sell online in October, but Granny's heart troubles took priority over gift planning. So, I've extended the offer until the New Year! :D

Giant pile of Holiday Gift Sets - $36 USD each
These cute gift sets have my Mini Mario Items in Holiday Harmony - meaning at a savings! :D Some of the Sets include:

But I gotta say, the best seller this Holiday Season was one of my NEW DIY Nerdy Cross-Stitch Kits! Can you guess which one?

That's right!
Don't Be Poopy - Beginner Cross-Stitch Kit! - $18 USD
Making tons of these kits reminded me to be less of a poo when I was stuck crocheting all night. And at my holiday craft shows that I did after sleepless nights. And hanging out at my retail gig for..ev...errrr!

Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday season and I hope that you're all doing awesome things with rad people!

Take care & remember to lay off being poopy. ;D
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