18 May 2016

Day 5: Self Care or How I'm a Hypocrite

Small business creatives are used to the hustle. They are used to workin' all the angle and wearin' all the hats. And that's amazeballs! I'm so proud of you.

But what happens when something comes up & you can't wear a few hats? What happens when the overwhelm sets it?

What then, son?

Creative humans love being creative. They hate not being creative. But as David Allen states something to the effect of the following in his "Getting Things Done" webinar:

There are these moments when you are supremely focused. This is inspiration. You just want to stay in it. And you should! But when the moment passes, so should you.

If you can create and be focused, DO IT!

But make room for the moments when you're not and use those moments to take care of yourself.

Yeah, I said it.

For years, I've lived off sugar free energy drinks. I mean it - Liam Neeson and I have a lot in common. It was all to try and stay awake to get more things done.

Eventually I crashed and burned hard, having to force myself to take a break from doing something I loved - making nerdy art for nerds & their friends.

Do you know how much that sucks?

So help me not be a hypocrite when I ask you take care of yourself.

Even THIS VERY POST is two days late (even though I technically wrote it on Monday, which was Day 5, so suck it!) because I was busy grabbing my head and dislodging it from my butt. 

What I'm trying to say was because I wasn't really giving myself any breaks, I became a jerk.

Here's to taking more breaks when we need them, entrepreneurs! 

Makers gonna make!

Players gonna play!

And let them haters start to hate cos they ain't got no game.

Word to your mother (I hope she's well),

- Steph

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