10 October 2012

OUR GEEK ROCKSTAR WEDDING - A Sneak Peek into the Pre Wedding Prep + Green Room Lighting

I didn't care what I had to do, but I knew in my heart of hearts as soon as I saw these handmade neon coloured pyramid lights, I had to f*cking have them for our wedding. 

Pyramid Light Garland in Pink Mint Neon - by The Society of National Industry - $65 USD

And I say that in the most sincerest way possible.

... cos how could I not, right?!?!!

So I was doing some trolling on the internets (read: actually catching up on my Facebook whilst picking my nose, or something equally as stupid), I stumbled up an Etsy Find post... and my mind was blown.

Keep in mind that this was after my 2nd or 3rd day of teaching at School House Craft in Seattle, WA as a Certified Etsy Educator (which means I was effing exhausted from all the work I had been doing all weekend).  It was pretty late at night and I was in my friend & fellow Etsy Educator/Local Etsy Team Captain's (Marlo M) house!

.. which means I should have been asleep.

But HAD I actually been doing what I was "supposed" to be doing, I probably wouldn't have stumbled upon the most epic find of all epic finds in the universe.

... cos, I mean... C'MON! F*CKIN' PYRAMID LIGHTS!!!

Did you already forget what they look like? Oh? Really, well let me give you ANOTHER PHOTO (please)!!

Even more gorgeous when lit up at night (is that even possible?! You'll SEE!)
Pyramid Light Garland in Pink Mint Neon - by The Society of National Industry - $65 USD

It might also interest you to know that I am in no way being paid or compensated for yelling about these amazing lights to your internet-faces.

Actually, I should have been spending my last 2 hours working on a press release that I need done and sent out to the universe in 3 hours...

... cos, you know, that's an important thing about out unique-assed effing geek rockstar wedding (how do I hashtag that!?!).

But, like, WHATEVER! (confession: I recently rewatched "Clueless" on Netflix and I'm still havin' Cher-echoes)

These are gonna be EPIC!

Katey & Chris from The Society of National Industry (aka the humans that make these amazeball freakin' lights) claim that they deliver "Paper Goods from Outer Space"... and I gotta say, I kinda f*ckin' believe them!

Rainbow Neon Garland of Paper Pyramid Lanterns -  by The Society of National Industry - $40 USD

Oh... what was the point I was trying to make again?

OOOOOHHHH! I remember now: I'm using these amazing things at my wedding.

... which, if you remember my post from the very beginning of this year, is what my f*cking book is going to be about!

Here's a gratuitous shot of how we're celebrating:

Steph (me) & Roger being excited about our Geek Rockstar Wedding
Photos for our wedding all by Stefanie Renee

You can check out more photos of our (pre)wedding on Stefanie Renee's website... cos you know you wanna see what other shenanigans we were up to!

And you can also check out our evite: which includes even MORE PHOTOS from this awesome photo shoot that we did at Teahouse last week.

Our evite was designed as a surprise by my good friend, Bettina Throckmorton of iCKY the GREAT! You should check her blog out... she even did a whole post about the graphic she did for us:

Our little pixelated selves done by Bettina Throckmorton of iCKY the GREAT for our evite!

p.s. I made Roger shave his beard.

ANYWAYS - as you can see, it took a lot of people to help make things for our wedding possible. And all of it was done by friends (new from Outer Space, or old from Berkeley, CA & Rupert, ID) that supported us.

Man, I've got a case of the warm fuzzies... I should probably take that and do some work... or I could just add more things to my Etsy Wedding Registry.


Oh and if YOU WANNA SUPPORT OUR WEDDING, you've got 2 days left for our WEDDING SALE!

Roger and I put all the items in our shops on special pricing just to make it easy for everyone to help support our wedding - and this way, you get something geeky out of it, too!

NOTE: I am only making my high-quality hand-crocheted Nintendo Amigurumi til 12/31/2012. After that, it's gone for good!
So the next 2 days is your best bet of getting it at the best prices before they're gone.
== Shop for Wedding SALE nerd JERK stuff here

Roger has been holding his Effing Awesome sale, too! Like cute hand-sculpted mini food? How about wearing it?
== Shop for Wedding SALE Effing Awesome stuff here
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