17 June 2011

Geek Chic Guide - Derby Girls

'Derby Girls Rock my World!' by NerdJerk

I've got a wicked obsession with all things Roller Derby. Not-so-secretly crushing on the idea of being a full-blown Derby Girl is one of my specialties! Here's some rad gear that makes me wanna buy that first pair of skates and rock out!

I'm pretty sure of a few things in life... and one of those truths is that "We are all geeks about SOMETHING!"

Whereas I've never been too ashamed of my geekiness (heck - it's how I make a livin'! Thank you, loyal fans!), I do have a long-standing secret crush & embarrassing point of shame about said secret.
Awesome starter skates that I've been
eyeing since before Maker Faire 2011.
On SALE for $144.99 USD
I wanna be a bad-ass derby girl!!! RAWR! :)
 I am totally afraid of skating. :(
Okay, okay! I can hear you all the way from over here!
  • "What's WRONG with you?" 
  • "How could you wanna be a derby girl and not be willing to suck it up and get a little beat up?" 
  • "There's no way you'd make it as a bad-ass. Better stick to yarn!" 

And you know what? Part of that might be right! But not all of it. So to answer your (*ahem* hypothetical) questions:
    • Nothing is truly wrong with me other than:
      1. I was traumatized by roller blades as a young child. Take 9 y.o. girl with poor balance, add roller blades, a rope, a bike and some sugar-crazed kid pulling you along downhill on asphalt. Marinate for almost 20 years. Serve.
      2. I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life & as other types of physical exercise leave little to be desired, the prospect of derby gets my blood going!
      3. Roller Blades are not Roller Skates.Roller skates have the potential to hold more weight at a better distribution. And possibly go slower... down hills?
    Roller Derby Poster by Whiskey7Art - $5 USD on Etsy
    • Dude - although I've got these extra pounds and gimpy crochetitized wrists, I'm willing to make it happen. I just need to get that first pair of skates. I suppose I can *grow* a pair while I'm savin' to buy a pair.
    • I will stick to yarn, but I'll do you one better. I'll make my own bad-ass derby gear. ;) Being a hookin' baller has it's perks.
    That being said, I ended up getting an email from Erica of Derby Girls Blog about possibly doing some advertising on their site. As I've yet to fully invest myself into the derby culture, I don't know if I would quite fit in very well. But it still got me thinkin' about how much I love the culture! Which led me to looking at my favourites on Etsy! Which led to a treasury! Which is what today's Geek Chic Guide is all about!

    What activities have you just been dying to try out?!
    Have you gone for it yet? If not, what's holdin' you back?

    13 June 2011

    Vlog #2 - Living the Life of Nerdity

    A young Steph Cortes, nerding out over
    generic brand crayons. I still get that crazy
    look in my eyes when I see bright colours!
    Trust me, you don't get to call yourself the Master of Geekery without earning it somehow! And while I may not have earned it conventionally through hardcore Nintendo Entertainment System gaming at the age of 2 in 1985, I believe that I have indeed willingly participated in enough button-mashing marathons (with minimum tours in D&D campaigns as a blood-thirsty ninja) to have been awarded the right to an MFA in Nerdity.

    That being said, I thought I would take this opportunity to show my followers a little more about what my day to day life looks like, starting with a tour of my bedroom.

    Not that it's that kinda tour, but more of a peek into a little of the "hoarder-like madness" behind the curtain of kawaii plush at nerd JERK.

    DISCLAIMER: This video may be a bit overwhelming to librarians and retail craft store sales associates, as it may trigger flashbacks of previous stressful workplace environments. Proceed with caution.

    I love colour! And I love crayons! :D
    My severe love for crayons has never died. In fact, with time, it has only grown stronger.

    I guess that's why I have such an obsession with things that bring back nostalgia. When forced to deduce my brand into a few sentences today, all I could come up with was:
    nerd JERK aims to excite your inner geek with a love for all that is old-school & retro! 
    And really... what more is there for me to say?!

    Tell me a little bit about what makes you feel like a geek!

    I  know I can't be the only one enjoying making plush typewriters, smelling the pages of old books and occassionaly bustin' out that 64 pack of Crayolas. :)

    09 June 2011

    nerd JERK First Vlog

    The fact that I'm vlogging right now is probably a sign that the universe has made it easy enough for preschoolers to make movies.
    And yet, I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch this, cos it's got some important news about some changes at nerd JERK... along with a whole lot of other stuff that isn't quite as important. 

    However, I would like to take a moment to say that this latest venture into the blogosphere was made possible by the following sponsors:

    punk rawk purl

    I got an email on day from Tammy George at PuNk rAwK pUrL with a link to her newest vlog. Although she'd sent it along with a cute joke about her looking like a frog in the screenshot (not true, BTW), I saw the instant connection that can be made with peeps over the internets once you can hear and see them.

    Tammy did her vlog in answer to a conversation on My Girl Thursday's blog, in which she's been giving away items (giveaway ends today at 11:59 PM) in celebration of her blog recently reaching 1,000 followers! :D She's now well into the 1,100s, but that's totally reason to celebrate! She had a few questions that were posed on her blog that seemed to inspire answers in their video bloggin'! So, like Tammy, I was inspired to do the same. Check out the questions below the video.

    PSST! Here were the questions I couldn't remember on the 4th take of this video:
    1.Do you have a middle name?
    2. What was your favourite subject in school?
    3. What's your favourite drink?
    4. Favourite song at the moment?
    5. What would you name your children?
    6. Do you participate in any sports?
    7. Favourite Book?
    8. Favourite Colour?
    9. Favourite Animal?
    10. Favourite perfume?

    Image c/o Madame Scodioli
    Solid Perfume mentioned in this vlog:
    $12 USD
    Possibly the greatest perfume I've EVER worn. Lovely notes of almond, milk & honey mingle & melt on your skin to leave you smelling of some sort of dreamy marzipan! YUM!

    And who knows... maybe I'll post some outtakes of the first couple of versions of this once I figure out how to do video editing on my iPad. But until then, I'm afraid you're stuck with one-shot takes! :D

    Comments encouraged, but please be gentle. ;D
    I'm such a n00b!

    01 June 2011

    Geek Chic Guide - Neon Lights for Summer Nights

    Oh folks! It's so obvious from my product photos that I love me some neon colours. And you know what? They're finally coming back in style! So as an ode to the photo-shoot I'll be having soon in front of some neon chartreuse backgrounds, I thought I'd share this POPPIN'  treasury that MaukyJo put together!

    'Neon Lights' by MaukyJo

    80's Flashback....everything neon!
















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