20 August 2012

Things I Love to Share: SHOWER ART!

I saw this at Rosalie's table at Geek Girl Con and I JUST HAD TO get it!
Glasses Are Awesome - Shower Art by Ugly Baby

About a week ago I was in Seattle, WA and stayed at my friend's house, cos they're cool like that. We agreed to help each other crash at each others' places when we were visiting our respective cities back at Craftcation. And it was marvelous!

I loved hanging at her place, filled with awesome art! In fact, while I was showering at their place, I got to see some of what they make in action.

What do they make, you ask?

SHOWER ART! - I purchased some of their awesomeness for my friend. You should, too!
Get some at UglyBaby.etsy.com!

It was so great to see some shower art (waterproof art for your shower) in its intended habitat! In fact, their entire bathroom was kind of a shrine to everything awesome.
PROOF: When I needed to go to the bathroom, Rosalie told me to put on the 3D glasses and look around. The freaking art of the walls came to life! Best experience using the restroom ever!
I only share this peeing experience with you since we're such good friends. ;D 

Image by Jessica Glein
Also Rosalie & Doug's company, Ugly Baby, was just featured on Etsy's blog under the "Quit Your Day Job" section!

Wowzers! I loved reading their ultra practical advice for leaving your 9-5 for a creative life. 

If you're a creative human looking for some perspective on being a full-time artist, read on...

I gotta say, I always love product process shots. It inspires me to be more creative... Well, I'm even more inspired by throwing-glitter-in-the-air shots, but that's besides the point!

So, MY POINT WAS: I bought some shower art! I wanted to share the shower art that I got for my friend, Katy Kristin (who also make adorable things, but more on the jewelry side). She has a baby blue themed bathroom, and we love potty humour. I just know she'll love looking at Rosalie's art in her adorably themed shower.

And to thank Rosalie for letting us hang out at her house (appropriately dubbed "Couch Island") for the weekend, I made her a little something-something to go in her HUGE collection of designer dolls in her bathroom (oh, I didn't mention that she has an amazeball collection of toys on one of her bathroom walls?! No? Well, I should have)....

It's not finished (cos I underestimated the amount of time f*ckin' cacti spikes would take to make out of felt), but here's a sneak peek at her pressie!

Rosalie had a mini collection of tokidoki items, so I made her a Bastardino!
Then I branded that bad boy on the ass!
I won't be making this fool to put up in the shop, but some of my readers have said they've wanted to see more of the items I've been working on! What do ya think?

Anywho, thank you so much to Rosalie & Doug of Ugly Baby for making amazing shower art & for the use of your couches. :) 

17 August 2012

Bearo likes Bob-Ombs! Even in Japan! - A Toy's Travelogue

Mini Bob-Omb w/ Tanooki Mario in Japan!
Photo courtesy of bearo.com
There was a day earlier this year when I got a lovely email from Jian Shen, the curator of the awesome Bearo blog, asking me if there was a chance we could do a feature together.

He runs a blog that features designer toys (mainly vinyl, but we would make some room for plush nerdity) and I design custom toys!

Awesome sauce!

So we met at the Cherry Blossom Festival and started chatting about all kinds of toy goodness!

He even did a sweet feature which included my plushies and the whole festival experience (which was ultra awesome)! Plus, his pictures of my items are phenomenal! It's as if you could just reach out and touch them through the screen.

I mean, who else could make Thwomp look so insanely terrifying and really adorable at the same time?!

Thwomp - photo courtesy of bearo.com
Hot Pink Bob-Omb
photo courtesy of bearo.com

If you dig toys & amazing photographs of toys, take the time to meander over to Jian's new blog, Bearo! I promise you'll be amazed with how gorgeous everything is! I could spend a whole afternoon drooling over all of the eye candy!

Plus, if you've never been to Japan (like me), you can check out Mini Bob-Omb near Tokyo Tower and live vicariously through his trip through a sunny day in Tokyo while Hot Pink Bob-Omb devours French macaroons in California. :)

The trip begins here!

Thank you so much, Jian, for taking the time to feature my items - and especially for being patient for me to take the time to tell the world about your amazing photographs!

03 August 2012

We wanna CELEBRATE! - On getting hitched at a comic convention

There's a lot of reasons why I wanna celebrate this year (and even some things that I wish I could forget), but the biggest thing I'd like to get excited about is my upcoming nuptials!

If you haven't heard the rumours that Roger and I have been spreading since the beginning of this year, we're totally getting married!!! And we're doing it at APE 2012!

I usually draw a comic on my envelope for the comic book convention application. This year, I drew an invite & shared it on the interwebs. It looks like this:

Pretty silly to put on your application envelope, right? But we're hopeful it'll happen!

Anywho, we've been trying to think about how we want our wedding to go down. All we know is the following:
  • We're ultra broke so it's gotta be simple
  • It's gonna be at our booth at APE an hour before the end of the first day. :)
  • We want to get a taco truck for the food bit at our place, but probably won't be able to afford it
    • We'll probably make a lot of enchilada casseroles, salads & punch
  • We can't afford to buy tickets for everyone to get into APE to see us get married
    • Someone said that's okay, since people just wanna come to support us. We hope that's true!
  • We have no idea how to get married at a comic book convention or if they'll even let us do it.
With wedding planning comes a lot of money necessity and craziness, so we're foregoing that  part. I mean, I don't even have an engagement ring! Roger might make me one...

Roger makes cute polymer clay sculptures, so maybe a cupcake ring? Check out his Etsy shop, Effing Awesome!
... which has the potential to be pretty cool! :) Anywho, since the wedding about 2 months away, we have to get started on officially inviting people. If you're gonna be in San Francisco around mid October, you should stop by & party with us!

These are the kinds of faces we make at shows:

You've been warned of the zaniness! :D

I imagine that I'll be pretty excited when we can just go home with the well earned titles of "HUSBAND & WIFE!" I'm sure it'll look something like the comic version I did of it a million years ago.

The way I imagined exiting my wedding in "A Girl Can Dream, Right?" - $3 USD

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