22 April 2010

XENA:Taking a cue from the comments...

...insofar that I ought to show more nerdiness, I'm going to throw something out there that I probably should take to the grave.

I'm currently really obsessed with Xena: Warrior Princess. Why, you ask?

Oh-ho-ho... there are reasons.

But really, it's been because Netflix got the whole Wii add-on disc that allows me to watch lots of things instantly on my TV. And you all know how much I love watching nerdy stuff.

Well, my boyfriend Roger and I were having a discussion about stupid TV shows that we used to watch and still sort of like. Somewhere in the discussion (which I'm pretty sure involved NO BEER but should have), we decided that we needed to order all the seasons of "Xena" and watch them from the beginning to relive our former geektastic days.

I'm talkin' about the days when we lived in our own houses and donned greasy ponytails which munching on equally grease-tastic microwave pizzas or bowls of cereal, watching the WB. I was in my teens and he was just beginning his 20s. And although it sounds pathetic, it helped form the awesome people we are today.

But yeah, it was pretty pathetic.

ANYWAY - I was talkin' about Xena with some MORE people (why do I do this to myself?) and ended up finding more friends to geek out about its awesomeness with. My buddy Bettina and I had a discussion about which one of us was which character from the series, cos, y'know... people talk about these kinds of things with their gal-pals. She thought she was Xena and I was Gabrielle. I though this was totally bogus, seeing as how I was learning kick-boxing at the time and I had longer dark hair.

Today, she showed me that I'd won.

Gotta say that it felt PRETTY DANG GOOD to win that one.

And now for the Top 5 Reasons why Xena has Rocked my World This Week:

1) Xena takes care of biz! - Not only does she have a list of things to do (from who to knock off to who's ass to save), when she's inevitably disrupted from completely these items in chronological order, she's got a fricken plan for that too!

2) Xena doesn't date; she's got "friends" - Now, if I wasn't currently in love with the awesome-est dude ever, this would accurately describe most of my love life since I was 18.

3) Xena's always tryin' to do the right thing - Lady had a past which she wasn't proud of but overcame that and worked her way through the world, trying to do right for others and setting an example. This kicks much ass, especially since she's viciously feared. They don't name you "Warrior Princess" is you go around petting puppy dogs.

4) Xena's crafty - Let's face it: Xena ALWAYS get attacked. Always! And she totally MacGyver's her way out of it by busting out something from her utility belt or busting a spear in two and using both ends like nunchucks. Lesson? Learn to be resourceful and you can rock ANY situation. That's craftiness if I ever saw it!

5) Xena's strong - We're not just talkin' about how buff she is (although getting people trying to kill you every 10 to 15 minutes has got to add up to some serious cardio), but how strong her will is. She gets torn down a lot in the series. I mean, people that don't even claim to be fans of the series hate it. But if Lucy Lawless had 6 seasons of this, it had to be for SOME reason.

All of this reminds me of old times and why I shouldn't give up now.

I was a bit low this past week and i haven't really been at my best. I've been putting off projects and deadlines for a while, even though I know I should be working on things. But, just when I thought stuff was gonna be pretty craptastic for a while, I started watching Xena. And as cheesy and dated as it is, the fact remains that it's sort of inspirational in a lot of ways.

Even to the fact that when my sister and I call each other to leave voicemails, all we have to do is do the "Hera"/peacock call, and we know what we're talking about.

I feel fortunate that my whole week can be turned around with a show filmed in New Zealand in 1995.

I feel even more fortunate to know enough geeks to be able to relate to on a regular basis.

07 April 2010

Awesome-ating the Blogger Site... Awesome-ating My Blog Posts!

If you're familiar with Strong Bad and his crazy emails, then you'll get the Trogdor the Burnanator reference. And if you didn't, just click on Trogdor link to check out the awesomeness.

Also, play the song on Guitar Hero II if you have that readily available.

I'm not "Burnanating the countryside" but I'm attempting to Awesome-nate this blog, yo.

I'll admit it, I haven't been too awesome with the blog posts and the links. But since I'm working on getting people interested in what I do and how I do it, or even what other people do and how THEY do it, then I should probably post pretty regularly.

Gotta admit that this is a relatively daunting task, seeing as how I had never wanted to blog before I started up Nerd Jerk or watched Julie & Julia, but now that I've got a brand to set up, I best do something about it.

Strangely enough, the thing that got me to wanna blog better OTHER than Julie & Julia was Zombieland.

Yeah... you heard right. I took my cues from a movie meant to show the funny side of gore.... or something... the neurotic side of it?

And I almost never watched this movie (at all!), mainly cos of Woody Harrelson, but I actually enjoyed his character (Tallahassee) the most. His lack of tact and blunt awesomeness made me open my eyes. Yes, it was him who said "Time to NUT UP or SHUT UP!"

So I decided to nut up.

As you're reading this (all 6 followers that I've acquired over a few months of non-work), you're probably thinking, "Wow... she sure does use a lot of nerdy pop culture references." And you'd be absolutely right.

But it's things like this that inspire me. Sure, I use a lot of crafty how-to blog posts and books to help me figure out how to make things more rad, but for the most part, it's movies, comics and TV on DVD.

So here's to actually nuttin' up (despite my obvious lack of testicles), and bloggin' a whole lot more.

And as time goes on, I'll work on actually making content a whole lot more interactive and awesome-ated.

P.S. Any suggestions as to what ya'll would like to hear about?
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