13 May 2016

Day 2: Electric Boogaloo or Emo Hair Cuts

After a year of emo up and emo downs, I did what any self-respecting hipster girl would do: Got a drastic haircut.

Let me be the first to admit how ridiculously cliche this is. I'm owning it. Did you read my thesis or whatever? Geez, guys...

Anyway, I chopped my hair off when I arrived in Nampa, ID in 2014 after the long drive from San Francisco through Rupert, ID (we spent Christmas with my workaholic twin, Bettina of iCKY the Great). Needless to say, after that particular journey, letting go of some emo-baggage was necessary.

But this post is about hair. My bad...

The gal at the Nampa Walmart (don't judge) knew what was up, which is probably why she wasn't there when I went back for more a few months later.

Like the hurt little bunny I was, I refused to cut my hair until I found someone at the same level or better.

But when you're pregnant, your body does this weird "make your hair amazing, nails on point, skin glowing with constant dew on your brow fro hauling around extra crap" that I was about 2/3 okay with.

And then, your body releases. Like my nails are falling off and my hair is coming out in bloody clumps!

While I've tolerated this for the last month, that's ridonk.

As I'm going through a lot of change with nerd JERK and consulting, I figured why not just step it up and lean into the awesome by getting a bad ass haircut I can't afford? ;)

Although it wasn't in our budget, it had to happen.

I asked my trusted friend for alllll recommendations, Bad Andie, who did the baddest ass-est hair. In classic Andie fashion, she took me in with one of those discerning looks that pierces your soul in order to determine your worthiness and allowed me into the secret society of those who may call Aly at Red Betty's Hair House.

Decked out with everything *I* would put in my rockabilly salon, complete with every pinup gal and dude (not to mention zebra print hair capes), I was instantly in love.

Plus, she knew what was up and made my dreams come true.

Welcoming in the newest version of Steph Cortés: Sassy Bad Ass!

So why should anyone really care about someone else cutting her hair? Truth is you probably shouldn't. But it made a big difference for me. My outsides are starting to look more like my insides every single day. And it's a lot of work to make outsides look like that!

I'm the lowest weight I've been in 5 years, I'm finally trusting my skills that I've been honing over the last 9 years by creating & helping others create... plus. HAIRCUT! 

One would suppose this is friggen me walking the walk: If you wanna be awesome, effing just BE AWESOME! 

Not a lot of people make it happen. I aim to prove to you that you can. It's like what Mindy Kaling said in her most recent book, Why Not Me?:

“Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled.” 

I can't wait to meet her and/or Tina Fey someday. And show them this blog post as proof, to which they'll shrug and ask me what I'm doing backstage...



- Steph

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