18 May 2016

Day 7: HULLO, 33 years of age!

Look at my excited face!
I'm gonna be old in a few days. When I say that, a lot of my friends are gonna groan.

That's okay. I know I was a baby and you were in high school. I know you STILL think I'm a baby. And, admittedly, I'm kinda acting like one lately (especially the last few days), but, you know, whatever. That's besides the point, you guys.

The point is Mid-Thirties, here I come!

On the cusp of my cusp-y birthday (21 May), I'm left to ponder what I have learned in the previous year.

  • Don't be diabetic while pregnant unless you plan on having your kid 2 months early, in which case, DEFINITELY be diabetic whilst preggers
  • Feel free to feel all the feels, but suffer the wrath of the consequences (especially whilst preggers)
  • Talk really openly with your person about what bugs you. It always *sounds* like a bad idea, but if they're the person you're supposed to be with, it never is.
  • Make lots of friends so you can help lots of people. They'll surprise you and start helping you when you didn't even know you needed help.
  • Choose to be optimistic (especially whilst preggers)

My year was spent making Elliott, and while I adore the lil dude, I learned a lot of hard lessons whilst preggers. (For those of you wondering, we'll reassess our family planning goals in 2-3 years. Until then, it's the Ellie show! Weeee!)

Personally, I've grown a lot. And while I can see it and so can my closest friends, I'm still struggling. Reconciling frustration, disappointment & anger/resentment has never been my thing. Gah! But I think it needs to become my new thing.

But that's another post.

In the meantime, HULLO 33! I welcome you with lukewarm floppy hugs and a smirky grimace that won't quit. May you stay suck less than 32.

- Steph

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