Photo by Stefanie Renee
Steph is a geek textile artist & creative biz consultant.
She specializes in designing high-quality nerd art in Boise, ID & helping awesome humans all over the world!

Born to some amazing humans from Central America, Steph Cortés was nurtured as a tiny single pixel in her grandmother's house in San Francisco, CA.

Having been thoroughly adored her entire life by the woman she was closest to, Steph decided to start giving back & caregiver for her at the age of 16.

When Steph started her handmade geek art company, nerd JERK, Lita's constant excitement and immediately radiant reactions to her products inspired her to want to make that happen more often.

Now accompanied by her new geektastic husband, Steph continues her quest to inspire ALL THE HUMANS to find the awesomeness leaking out of those super secret smiles of doom! 

Steph with a box of crayons sometime in the 80s
Photo by James Cortés
Get to know Steph:

What's the thing you love most in the world?
Well, if we're excluding the obvious family/friends/cats, I'd have to say I've always had a thing for crayons. Like, I'm a lifelong crayon enthusiast. You have no idea. It's super weird how much I love crayons.

What's your favourite film?
It varies depending on time of day and mood. 
Any given morning, I would be up for watching Julie & Julia because of the cooking & blogging awesomeness.
A good afternoon film would be Fantastic Mr. Fox or Ghost World cos of the soundtracks.
When Roger's around, we could watching Office Space or The Big Lebowski cos we love comedies.
After everyone's gone to bed and I'm up all night crafting my orders, I have Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, Harold & Maude and The Royal Tenenbaums on repeat til dawn.   
But I have so many more! My tie for first place would be Stranger Then Fiction and Lost In Translation. 

You seem to really have a thing for films. Did you study it in college?
Yes I did, but only film history, as I left the film-making to those who has a true passion for it. However, my secret wish is to make a film about our Geek Rockstar Wedding with Wes Anderson someday, as he's my favourite director.  

Self Portrait
Why do you work such late hours?
I'm one of those extroverts that needs to get things done in quiet. With the hours I have to keep in order to fulfill social schtuff, I've gotta stay up. Plus - it's lovely, quiet and wonderful at 3 AM. I'm actually surprised MORE people don't hang out at 3 AM on Twitter. Where's you flippin' commitment, mofos?!
Why are you not making Mario fan art anymore? You have a lot of fans who love it. Don't you want to make them happy?
Wow! Big question!
Of course I love my fans who have stuck by me for the past 7 years! They're the best! But they've also been the ones who have given me the confidence in my own character designs for my new plush lines!
This decision to stop making Nintendo fan art was not made lightly. We've been rebranding for a whole year!
And even though I'm not advertising my Mario fan art for sale in my Etsy Shop, feel free to contact me if you'd like me to make a special piece of Mario amigurumi as a Custom Order.  

Photo by Stefanie Renee
Get in contact with Steph:

Steph loves talking with folks! She's actually pretty chatty!

Like, maybe a little TOO chatty. But she loves learning from people by listening to them allllllll about their awesomeness. 

Feel free to contact Steph directly about her work & art via email.

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  1. Hi, Steph!

    Your work is awesome!

    I´d like you to introduce you to my embroidery patterns, I think you will love it!

    kisses from Brazil!


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