22 December 2009

Kind of weird... kind of awesome

Okay, so maybe this all started because I've been reading on how to promote oneself. Maybe it really was way overdue. But I think the real reason behind starting a blog was because we just rented "Julie/Julia"....

Holy balls.

I haven't finished the movie yet, but I'm going to be writing out my various comic-ed Christmas greeting postcards to comic people I don't really know (but really wanna get to know) and homies I haven't really stayed in touch with... so I might as well understand the creative process that goes into writing to the internet.

Dear Internets,

I am making some awesome crochet stuff. In fact, I'm making everything mini. Mini Kirby, Mini Ornaments, Mini Bob-Ombs. It's gonna be awesome. So, I hope you'll dig it. And I hope people will like it enough to buy it for their geeky friends. I stayed up many late nights perfecting these little bundles of cuteness.

Also, I'm working on outlining a non-sucky sequel to "Harry the Hipster Busts a Nut." Maybe I'll mail some to lil comic stores 'round the States.

Here's a taste of what's to come.
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