06 December 2012

My 1st Renegade Craft Fair: Branding Inspiration for LA

I took this photo for you all in my new home studio, #AWESOMEnerdnest.
Get used to seeing these coloured magnetic blocks from TEGU - I bought them to make videos with!

This may shock you, Awesome Reader
But I kinda have an addiction to colour.

It's a bit serious. I even hinted at it on my new business cards:

My neon green Catloaf from Careful It Bites approves over my new MOO cards; even the typo rocks.

You can't be a "life-long crayon enthusiast" without totally being an addict (..duh).

But can you believe I was scared of sharing that? I was scared of sharing a lot about my life.

I can't tell you how often I try to fix my mistakes in life. I've always been worried about what people will think about how I do something: in my life, in my business, in my dreams.

But the reality of it is that it's not so bad.

And that's why I go balls out with my branding at nerd JERK

Balls... like in this video that my animator, iCKY the Great, showed me long ago. 

José Gonzalez's version of "Heartbeats" plays in my head whenever I bounce around San Francisco as a native.

So when I was accepted to my very first Renegade Craft Fair this Holiday Season, I was bouncing around!!! I bounced all over different stores, trying to find the perfect way to express my inner holiday beast! I wanted to show the Renegade Gang that they made the best decision ever to invest in me this year.

I'll be in LA on December 8th & 9th, showing off new goods... as in THE NEW STUFF I'VE BEEN DESIGNING ALL YEAR! (which bearo did an AMAZING write up about! Click here to read it!)

EXCLUSIVE: I asked the rad Jian Shen of bearo come & get a "Behind the Scenes LOOK
at how I construct my amigurumi. Click HERE to see the exclusive PHOTO ARTICLE!

Can you tell I'm excited yet? That's the face I'm making right now, writing this article for you. 

Can you tell I'm effing stoked to be able to create plush toys for a living?!?!

If not, I took this picture and tried to convey how I feel every time I sell something to an Awesome Human.

Oh how I love you, EPIC CUSTOMERS!
 I can't wait to send you some
awesomeness from my home studio.
Until then, let's run into each other on the internets.

05 December 2012

Our Geek Rockstar Wedding Video

Roger L. Moore [Effing AWESOME sf] & Steph C. Cortés [nerd JERK] became "The AWESOME-nerds" on Saturday, 13th October 2012 in San Francisco at around 6:30 PM... and they couldn't be more happy!

I know it's super late, guys, but I have been a busy Mrs. Cortés. Until I have enough time to really get back into hanging out, check out this AMAZING video that Golden Gate Xpress put together about our Geek Rockstar Wedding!

So glad to have been able to work with Kirstie Haruta on this story. She listened to me babble endlessly. Check outm ore of her work here.

And tell us what you think! Cos... we're turning this into my first BOOK!!!

*shuts eyes tight, cross fingers, whispers excitedly* Please comment, please comment, please enjoy this, please wanna read the book, please please please...
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