29 May 2016

Day 18: A poem I wrote called "Bruce Wayne: A Performance Review"

Remember how I said I'd never share any of my poetry?


I had brunch with my friend, Amanda Ranth, and we were discussing why we write poetry: to express ourselves. I was telling her about how normally my poetry comes from this deep, sad, twisty place of longing and that's why I don't share my work publicly.

But then I remembered going to a MeetUp group called "Poetry in the City of Trees" for #NaPoWriMo in April and using writing prompts for the first time. I started to tell her about this silly one I had written. 

"Dude," she smiled, "You need to POST that SHIT!" What can I say? The lady's got a point!

Writing Prompt 2: Write a poem about a superhero coming to your house and confronting you about something. Somewhere in the poem, you have to state what your superpower is.

"Bruce Wayne: A Performance Review"
by Steph Cortes

Somewhere on the ledge of the roof of my mind palace, there is Batman.
He moves through my dark yet illustrious city of shadows with nimble and ept precision
as if he's been there too long.

He appears at random, as a dark knight does
to bring to my attention the turn my Gotham-y mind has taken.

"It's far worse than it ever was," he rasps,
not quite a growl, but not far removed.
"No one should be expected to contain 
the havoc of this many villains!
Not even with my freelance vigilante brigade!"

The more he waxes on, the hoarser he rumbles,
the less patience I have.
No longer tolerating his nonsense, I turn toward him.

"You were brought in to protect, Wayne," I start,
my knuckle whitening, readying for battle.
"Are you not up to the task the headhunter
promised you were sooo qualified to accomplish?"

His mask hid his raised brow, but the micro-gesture of a lax jaw have him away.
Having pierced through his expensive armor, I went on:

"If I must, I can tell you in which order to 
bring each issue 'to justice'," I mocked his voice...
"As I know you won't kill them per your contract."

Smirking, I grabbed my phone to compile a list in a text.
"But make no mistake: if I have to use my deductive powers again to do your job for you,
I'm going with Joker."

- 2:54 PM
3 April 2016
depression/tackling issues

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