31 May 2016

Day 20: On Writing into the Abyss

Have you ever just wanted to do things the easy way instead? Me too, dude. Like, pretty freakin' badly.

The thing about writing this much all the time is that I don't always wanna do it.

SHOCK! HORROR! I don't always wanna write?! Say it ain't so!

Sorry, homes...

And, to be honest, it's not because I'm tired and I have a tiny family (although one could argue that those are pretty legitimate reasons).

The reason I don't wanna write is because I'm afraid it won't be any good.

Sometimes I don't wanna put in the effort of writing for an audience that may not even give any shits about what I'm putting out here. With the limited amount of resources of time and energy that my life is allotting me, would you write into the abyss if you were me?

The answer: We should. We totally f*ckin' should, dude!

Because, if we're doing it right, we're not writing for the abyss. We are writing for ourselves.

Write to put down words.

Write to speak your truth.

Write because you have no choice, but to let your words fly out of your body and into the world.

I've got to remind myself that writing is a chore I asked for. And really, I love it.

Sometimes there will be an echo back from the abyss and I'm really grateful for that.

Maybe there were more echoes that got lost somehow. Who knows? And if something I wrote resonated with something in you, I'm happy.

But in the meantime...

I'm going to find a way to do this, especially when it's not easy.

Whatever your choice of creative release may be, I hope you find ways to send it into the abyss as well.

May we all be surprised with what returns someday...

- Steph

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