26 May 2016

Day 14: Emo to Awesome? On the Self Confidence Cycle of an Artist

Old comic I drew to keep myself out of the fridge
titled "Are Your Emo Eating?" - 2009
And from the emo ashes of yesterday, a hot zombie babe arises!


If you're planning of following this blog for a little bit, you'll probably have to come to terms with the highs and lows of my self-confidence. Luckily, this might be similar to the highs and lows YOU may feel as an artist.

Funny how that works, right?

Just because I've been successful before doesn't mean that I know every single trick in the book. Don't get me wrong: I know HELLLLLLLA tricks! But I'm also constantly learning about new ones, and if I find helpful ones, in trying to master the use of those new tools.

When we're taking the time to learn something, it means we're investing time we'd normally put toward actually accomplishing our usual tasks. And sometimes when we're not producing what our memory has told us is the norm, we feel lame.

Well, *I* feel lame.

It's not because we're not doing work (though that time watching "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" while scarfing down ham & swiss probably could've been spent more productively), but because we don't live up to previous expectations.

That's where that intrigue I was talking about comes in.

I often want things to work out a certain way. My challenge has been accepting when they don't gracefully, recalibrating accordingly by managing my silly expectations and shooting for NEW stars!

My self-confidence is shot down continually & I'm usually the one holding the smoking gun. Whoops.

LESSON: We will all feel shitty at times. If at all possible, it'd be great if we were 
able to pick ourselves up, shake ourselves off and get moving on the next time.

Not every dream is realized, but it's better to dream than to wallow in self doubt.

- Steph

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