09 November 2011

Sorry for the radio silence: A Proposal

Every few months, I write the same thing: I'm sorry I've been so quiet, guys. It won't happen again.

But, as we can clearly see, it totally does.

Now, mainly what happens during this period of time is that my other commitments (you mean there's stuff you do other than nerd JERK?) get the best of me. This almost always totally blows, as my passion is really with my geektastic creations... and how to make them more nerdifyed.

However, this time it was different. I have a pretty good reason this time.

My grandma (affectionately known as Lita) at Wal-Mart
[P.S. She loves Wal-Mart]

My adorable grandma had a couple of heart attacks. I'm her full-time care-giver, so I'm supposed to be able to fix those, right? Well, the good news is we caught them in time and after a couple of procedures, she's on the mend in a rehab center.

So while she's getting better, I've got this gut-wrenching cold/flu/disease-from-hell that I still go to my retail job with during the week. And I've got social worker meetings to go to for my great-aunt (not to mention the phone calls from the same great-aunt about her sister in the hospital). And I've got a business to run.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted, so it only made sense that my body decided to give up and get super duper sick in the middle of all of this. But that doesn't mean I'm not trying to be awesome... somewhere on my insides.

What I wanted to say was thank you to all the homies that have stuck it out & are waiting for new content. :) I definitely wanna give it to you. But I wonder if I've made it kind of a big deal for myself to blog something. I mean, the content I put out is usually well-thought out and has tons of pictures (plus a purpose). But lately, I've been thinking about one of my big dreams back in the day... I wanna write a book.

This could be on the cover:
photo by Stefanie Renee
Cos, I mean, c'mon - who WOULDN'T wanna buy this book?! It's got Bestseller written ALL over it!

This picture (taken by my friend, Stefanie Renee) is the kind of person I really am, but don't show too often. I worry about what people will think of me (says the girl who makes crocheted toys for a living) instead of thinking of the rad people who'd embrace my kind of weirdness.

So, keeping with the theme that I haven't been taking very good care of myself, that I wanna do better & I've got a whole lot of awesome I've been wanting to share, but haven't because of fear, I think I'm just gonna say I'm gonna go for it.

Is anyone strongly opposed to knowing more about the person behind the glasses? Or do I get an "All Systems Go" from y'all?
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