15 July 2013

Sketching the insomnia away with Luchadores & pixels

On a particularly sleepless night, I decided to sketch something inspirational for myself in a journal I'd purchased last year to specifically be filled with adorable product ideas. Thankfully, I didn't disappoint myself when I started drawing one of my Luchador plushies.

This Hot Sauce Wrestler is bright teal and hot pink.
His colours kind of remind me of bubble gum wrappers. :)
[photo by Steph Cortés]

Although I've stitched up several Hot Sauce Wrestlers already, I haven't had the heart to finish them. "They're just so much cuter in my mind," I tell myself. "The masks could never look this awesome in real life."

I'm kind of a jerk to myself. Especially at night, right before I'm about to go to bed. You see, I was falling asleep when this train of "All the things I should be doing instead of sleeping" hit my pillow and woke me up. It's been happening a lot lately, so I've decided to try and channel it into making cute drawings.

AND NEW Cross-Stitch Kits! :D I've been working through some graph paper notebooks with my coloured pencils. You'll be happy to know that the coloured pencils are super cute, too. So I'm freakin' surrounded by cute while I'm drawing cuteness at 3:30 in the morning.

Proof of my work in progress... new Cross-Stitch Kit that says "thanks, dude!"
[photo by Steph Cortés]

When I showed my husband the mostly-done-prototype, he asked why anyone would ever wanna say, "Thanks, dude!" I rolled my eyes and said, "Well, I didn't have enough room to stitch in the miniature fist bump that goes with it."

That must be why I come up with this stuff in the middle of the night while he's asleep. ;)

Other patterns will include typewriters and crayons (of course). We hope to also sell the patterns online as well. We just have to make them effing perfect first. ;) In the meantime, peeps in Seattle will be able to get their first pick of the new patterns, as these new kits will be debuting at Ugly Baby & LaRu at the Pike's Place Market. 

The rest of us will get them later this month on Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe. ;D
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