20 May 2016

Day 8: A.K. Turner gives Good Lunch

Turkish coffee set up from lunch...
When a well-known author asks you to lunch, you say yes.

When she asks you to come to ANYTHING, you automatically say YES! Especially if she kind of amazing.

I dunno about you and your face, but there's a weird feeling that washes over me when I show up to a place and people actually don't hate my face.

Lemme 'splain, as some of you may be used to charming the undergarments off all the folks in any room you happen to be meandering through.

I'm an acquired taste.

For some reason (probably my inability to master graceful transitions), I come off as a nosey jerky-jerk-jerk when *really* you'd just said a few words that made my ears perky-perk-perk.

If you haven't made yourself so damn interesting, I could have gladly minded my own business. But nooooo - you just had to say "I wish there was a way to..."

And that's all it took. My inner genie wiggles her nose and pops up right beside you, "Mmmmmmyyyeeesssss?!?"

I totally own it: I'm a rude weirdo.

But I have SUPER genuine intentions, which is why I believe most humans tolerate my quick-storm of lists to resolve the creative issue at hand.

Think Sherlock Mind Palace meets Bruce Almighty email answering scene.

That's what it's like to be in my head all day. Ugh. I mean - WOOOO!

I've been showing up to some events in Boise (mainly writer/author thingies) and
have been meeting people I never could have dreamt I'd get to know anywhere else.

One of those folks is A.K. Turner. I call her A.K. Rowling and she LOVES it! (She totally doesn't, but she tolerates me.)

I signed up for her class months ago. I started researching comedy and what made things funny. I found info that I thought that would help her with her class, "Sharpening Pencils & Wit", bought some things... Never expected to have the chance to give them to her.

After all, how would I meet her?

Apparently, she already knew about me.



So there was nothing to be weird about, but I'm a weirdo.

Then she asked me if I was going to a party. So I had to go. Then I was asked to lunch, so I went...

We 'lunched'!

Lesson from lunch: When you get your ass handed to you by a bestselling author,
you thank them and do what you're told.

Or that's what Amanda would have me believe. So I'm gonna do that. And it will be awesome. And I'm scared, but I'm still gonna fuckin' do it.

Oh shit. I'm actually gonna do the book and now I have a deadline.

Oh shit.

I mean, there were gyros & baklava involved in this contract, so it's kind of a thing now, right?


I owe Amanda a 2,000 word outline in a week.



I guess this is a thing now. This is a real thing. WEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEeeee!

- Steph

p.s. While this post was posted a day late, it was written on Day 8. ;) I'm currently working on Day 9, which is about my lovely trainer, Tyler. SPOILER ALERT: He read my last post about him...

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