26 August 2011

Getting to know the Lovely Ladies of LIDL

Some of you folks may or may not know that I belong to an awesome group called the Ladies Independent Design League (or LIDL for short). It's where a few select female entrepreneurs gather to talk about their projects, business and lives.

If you're a nerd like me, it sounds like a rad secret society of hand-picked go-getters trading the keys to success. All that's missing are the capes! :D

I'd love to take a minute away from our "regularly scheduled" program to show introduce you to some of the coolest ladies that I know. I know you're gonna love them as much as I do!

Hand-printed linen -6 piece scrap pack
by Jen Hewett - $20 USD
Jen shared her time (non) management tips on the blog When I Grow Up, in between packing for her trip to Istanbul and adding new fabric packs to her shop.
In addition to printing and consulting, Jen also writes a weekly post about her adventures in self-employment on her blog. You can check out the series here & follow her on Twitter.

the girls - by Stefanie Renee - on Flickr

Stef has been enjoying the last few days of summer with her kids along with brainstorming ideas for a new Photography website! Look for transitional changes soon and even bigger changes in the coming months!  Teahouse Studio is ramping up for the Fall Class Line Up! Have you signed up for your class yet?

art space - by Stefanie Renee - at Teahouse Studio
The lovely Mati has been busy working on her first 2 children's books and a painting book called "A DARING ADVENTURE IN PAINT" to debut with Quarry Books in Summer 2012.
I've seen her working on some amazing paintings at her lovely space at Teahouse Studio. It's so inspiring to see her process.

Social media maven, Willo of WilloToons Connect, recently updated her network on her busy life:
Last week was all about breathing more space into my life & *slowing down* a bit. This week it's head's down crankin' on client projects.

Find out more about Space Craft here!
Amelia created these cute little desk buddies for her latest GoGo Craft workshop adventure: SpaceCraft.  These alien friends will be featured at a FREE Mini Plushie Workshop on Sept 12th and 18th at SF Public Libraries.  For workshop locations and details click here.

23 August 2011

Question about Revisiting Comics - APE 11

Some things heal with time.
From ...You Don't Have To Be a Dreamboat
An unfinished comic about a guy I knew

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from Justin Dutta of Comic-Con International, letting me know that THEY know "that [APE 11] is very important to [me & my] company."

And, dudes, don't get me wrong, I'm stoked!! I had given up hope on participating in Alternative Press Expo this year as an exhibitor, as so many of my friends had already been given word of getting in such a long time ago. But I'm still kind of dumb-struck again this year...

Have I drawn anything new? NOPE! Have I done ANYTHING remotely comic-y? Nuh-uh. I've been getting by on the two 24-HR Comics I've done. And I haven't even put the new one for sale yet... a year later. :( I'm gonna just take a chance and call that a COMIC FAIL.

So that had me thinkin' about the body of work I've already got from 2008...

Elevator Boogie in an Art Store
From ...You Don't Have To Be a Dreamboat

It's called "...You Don't Have to be a Dreamboat" and is based on a dating experience I had that year with a foxy hipster. Yeah - we've all been there... right?

Anyway, I drew "..Dreamboat" kind of like a diary: it helped me cope with my excitement, lows and uncertainty surrounding this affair. While it's 3 years later and I feel very happily "married" (seriously, the only thing missing is a certificate), I'm wondering if I could get the story right in time for APE 11.

I thought redrawing the whole thing would be best, as I drew this comic a) on the bus, b) in miniature (like Jeffrey Brown) and c) as a beginner in comics. As time went on and I drew more panels per day, I progressed in my style. My current drawing style is a bit awesomer than all this.
What do you all think? If I re-draw it, I might be able to get 24 pages done by the end of September. If I don't, would it be acceptable to print a rough draft?
          What would YOU do?

01 August 2011

An afternoon photo-shoot with Stefanie Renee

Photo by Stefanie Renee
It's true, folks... sometimes I'm a little weird about taking photos. 

Maybe weird isn't the right word. Maybe it's more like I see a camera and then my face tenses all funny at the thought of a lens being pointed in my general direction.

Yeah... kinda like that!

Except I didn't have to feel all "weird" when I spent an afternoon laughing & cracking craftastic jokes with my friend.

So it's great that a very talented lady named Stefanie Renee came along with her fancy pants camera & eye for beauty. Cos she got some fabulously candid photographs of some of my creations of our photo-shoot last week in my neighborhood in San Francisco. :)

New prototype for the Turntable Nerdy Cross Stitch Kit Pattern
Photo by Stefanie Renee
Another prototype for a new line of broaches - Retro Polaroid
Photo by Stefanie Renee
Been wearing this broach for months now! Really need to get on making & selling them soon. But I just love it so much! I hope everyone else will love it enough to appreciate all the attention to detail (not to mention the awesome vintage button lens)!
New Sea Foam Typewriter Cross-Stitch Pendant
Photo by Stefanie Renee
When I went on a trip with the ladies in LIDL last month (check out a blog post about our shenanigans here - courtesy of Cindy Ann Ganaden), I spent a good portion of a Saturday working on this perfecting this pattern. I'm in LOVE with the colour SEA GREEN and with vintage typewriters. It seemed to make sense that this pendant would come into being. I'm sure Stef shares my love of all things green & vintage!
My awesome vintage green Schwinn bike
Photo by Stefanie Renee
We had so much fun on this photo shoot, that I almost forgot I was kind of nervous to be getting my photos taken. :) 

Get ready to be featured, folks!
Photo by Stefanie Renee
But really, since I'm working non-stop trying to get my business to sky-rocket into epicness, it seemed like it was time to take the next step & start getting professional style photos of myself done. Cos hey - you never know when you're gonna be an Etsy Featured Seller or even interviewed by BUST magazine, right? (Those are two my biggest dreams!!)
I kinda love yarn a lot :)
Photo by Stefanie Renee
So I'm getting ready to dream big!

If you are ready to take that next step and need some profession shots take of you in your awesome creavite environment, then I'd love to recommend Stefanie Renee. :) She's currently running a promotion for folks that want to document their lives through photography: portraits, events, "day in the life" sessions, etc. She's got a great eye and really loves her craft. 
Read more about her New Photo Package Special on her website!
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