01 June 2016

Day 21: An Excused Absence

Last night, my tiny family's end of day ritual was goin' strong. I had been toying with different ideas about what to reflect on in my post and I started mentally jotting down notes.

My glazed over, far-off expression was jolted back when Elliott started making tiny babbling coos at Roger and they giggled.

I had been missing these special
lost moments for a long time.

Somewhere along the way from giving birth to baby to him being 6 months (on the 9th), I stopped paying attention to them. I was telling myself I was busy building a legacy that would be worthy of them and, sure, I still believe that! But is a legacy worth it when you don't connect with those for which you're building it?

Probably not.

So I stopped brainstorming, I snapped a photo of exactly what I'd been missing and wrote myself a note for an excused absence:

"To Whom It May Concern -

Please excuse Steph for not making an entry today. She was busy admiring her lovely family."

And with that, I turned off my notifications on my phone and joined in with the giggles. Soooooo many giggles to catch up on and so little time with which to catch up on them with.

My giggle game is gonna need to be on point from now on, you guys. 

Creative people have creative uses of their time. Sometimes we even come up with
creative excuses for why we don't make time for everything. 

I usually feel pretty guilty about not getting everything done. Do you? No? Just me? SWEET!

So I decided to take an expert's word for it. In the wise words of a good friend (cos I read him whenever I get a chance and know he knows his shit), let us take some advice from Mr. Ray Bradbury:

Word, Brads... woooooorrrddddd.

- Steph

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