02 June 2016

Day 22: I freakin' LOVE Quote Memes!

Ray Bradbury quotes

In an age in which we consume media at a the speed of light, yet lack the need to go more in depth than a passing glance, I believe memes are the perfect intellectual amuse bouche
  • We don't have to engage with more than a "Like"
  • We can share with our friends & look hella deep
  • We can absorb it for a second or two, go "Hmm" to ourselves thoughtfully and move on
Thank God I'm allowed to move on, cos otherwise I would be stuck reading for days!

[NOTE: I'd actually LOVE reading and reading for days. I wish I had loads of uninterrupted time to do that. But I also love being able to connect with some wisdom for like 2 seconds and then looking for more, soooooo...]

Good ol' Ray Bradbury has been my favourite giver of sage advice these days. Not only was I struck with his mastery of storytelling when I was a 17 year old and was assigned to read Fairenheit 451 for summer reading, but the guy dishes out some heavy knowledge nuggets.

If I had to pick a few people to invite to a tea party of awesomeness, it'd go down like this:

  • Pick out feather boas and frilly hats that each guest would have to choose one of and wear the duration of the party
  • Get out of mismatched "china" I'd collected from thrift stores
  • Make sure they had some top tier Earl Grey tea a-brewin' (cos, c'mon - WRITERS!)
  • Rent space in a fancy tea place's backroom with lots of sunlight, but where we wouldn't be disturbed.
  • If that wasn't possible, hold the tea party in a SUPER awesome and booky-smellin' library.
The guest list would transcend death and we would all just be able to hang out, yammering about shit like we've known each other for ages. No one would pretend to know that they know more about anything that anybody else. It would be grand.

I'd invite the following humans:

  1. Good ol' Brads (Ray Bradbury) - wise and direct. I like it.
  2. Neil Gaiman - brilliant & dark AF! Also, he'd appreciate the Brads.
  3. Roald Dahl - A good dose of silliness and wisdom never hurt nobody.
  4. Bill Murray - Cos - DUH! - brilliant in ANY scenario!
  5. Mindy Kaling - Cos - DUH! - she can keep a conversation going, no matter how awkward!

We would chat about everything, feathers and ribbons wiggling with every movement of our flapping jaws. Probably from the laughter, too. 

Yeah, we would definitely be laughing.

This list of guests are some of my biggest heroes that I've admired for far too long without properly acknowledging their influence on my life. And there have been plenty of people who have given me advice over the years. 

I learned at a young age that when a person older than you gives you advice, it's because they made a mistake; if I listened closely, I could hear in their voice how important it was to heed their words.

I think the same is true with there quote memes. They're just sitting there to be readily absorbed and heeded. Someone of us repost them just cos they seem cool or will make us seem cool. And, sure, that's aight.

But I think that when we really look at them, especially the ones from "the greats," there's so much more to be gleaned than a "like" or a "repost."

Unless it's a picture of a cat... you're probably fine just reposting or liking that cos I CAN HAZ CUTE KITTEHS!

Oh wait...

- Steph

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