05 June 2016

Day 25: Little Love Letters of Fashion

Textile artist, Rebecca Saylor, felt inspired to sketch me in a dress with a pram. I love her.

Back when I was cool, I used to draw - A LOT! I would ride public transit around San Francisco and just sketch random humans. Sometimes they were hot and I was instantly in love with them. Sometimes they just looked so ridiculous, I *HAD* to get it on paper.

On one such instance, I was drawing a ridiculous hipster on the BART and the person sitting next to me nudged me, pointed at my sketchbook and nodded toward the guy. When I smirked and rolled my eyes, we both shook with silent giggles while this b.o. laden dude bobbed to his super hip music.

Those quick sketches made me so happy. I still carry around a tiny sketch book these days and sneak snapshots of people at events. There's something about listening to speakers while drawing them that makes me happy.

Photo by Rebecca Saylor
When my crafty twin, Rebecca Saylor of Oodle Ba Doodle, sent me a text on Sunday with a sketch of a pretty girl in a polka dot mint dress, I was instantly in love. When she told me that she'd sketched it because she missed me, my heart broke a little and I *almost* started tearing up.

Rebecca also has been sketching lately, mainly to unwind and  do something new. When I asked her what had inspire her to start this series of drawings, she said:

They are just for fun. I wanted to learn to do fashion sketching so I just started watching people around me and trying to interpret that onto paper - I'm a super beginner. I like to think of them as little love letters of fashion.

Getting one of her love letters made my day in a huge way. I'd been feeling a bit down as of late and she perked me right up. I mean, a PRAM in the background?! C'MON! I ***LURVE*** the idea of being British enough for a PRAM!

What can I say, the woman knows my taste. She did design & make my wedding dress, after all!

And then there are those love letters (YOU know the ones) for the folks that are just TOO good.

This hipster was so over the top, he was practically begging to be immortalized! I'd like to thank Rebecca for capturing his douche essence so perfectly, from his redonkulous hat to those tubes socks with sandals.

I can't wait to see whatever she draws in the future. You can check out her sketches by following her on Instagram. You'll also get sneak peeks behind the scenes of her lastest plsuh creations she designs and her cats! Oooooohhh, the cats!

Loves and sketches.

- Steph

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