07 June 2016

Day 26 - On Taking a Compliment on One's Social Media Feed

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my face attempting to take a compliment. 

The first thing you may notice is the furrowed brow, usually reserved for disbelief in words coming out the mouths of well-meaning individuals. You would not be misreading that.

A raised eyebrow in further disbelief and possible accusatory "Dafuq?"-ness? 
Yep - I'm guilty of that as well.

This was my face when my friend, Natalie, gave me compliment on my use of social media. She didn't take me as a person who would have time to update her Facebook, as I'm usually pretty busy. But I guess I'd shared some fun things and she enjoyed them. When she shared this enjoyment, I reacted in disbelief.

I shouldn't do that and neither should you.

This is where the manners your mama taught ya come in handy and you graciously smile whilst saying, "Why thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed that!" If you're REALLY smart, you also ask what they enjoyed so you can engaged with your friends in a more meaningful way that you both enjoy.

(There was a lot of "enjoy" in that sentence - where's my Thesaurus-Rex when I need him?)



So let that be a lesson to you all. Take a compliment and think of ways to thank people for liking your work. 

PRO TIP: Ask your friend what kinds of things they like ready in their feeds and try to see how you can work that into your social media in a meaningful way.

I'm gonna try practising this move more often at social events. I'm also going to try spreading out the love on my feeds a little more. There's a bit in my book where I have a lot of research to do about social media automation in order for maximum audience engagement. We'll see how it works in the real world, eh?

- Steph

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  1. This is interesting, I never consciously consider how to engage with my friends over social media. I suppose we are all more likely to interact with things about people we know?


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