08 June 2016

Day 28: Invisible Posts?

We're kinda making the same face!

I was trying to debate whether to use a picture of myself or this adorable cat laughing at the ridiculousness of this post. The cat won, so you're welcome, internets.

You may or may not believe me (and I shouldn't care because, really, I'm just failing myself), but I have outlined 5 other days of posts and not finished writing them all. It seems that something else always comes up. Whether it's an event where other writers will be hanging out or an appointment with everybody's favorite douchebro, I'm doing stuff that doesn't permit me to put words onto screens.

If Blogger had a decent app that just allowed me to email posts from my iPhone (*cough* tumblr! *cough*), I'd like to think we wouldn't be in this predicament.

But I'm probably kidding myself about that, too, right?

I also don't happen to have enough writing projects because I started another one up again...

Maybe I just need LOTS of different things to write ALLLLLLL of the time? Maybe I just think you're all bored with me? 

The problem with writing these blog posts is that I'm still shouting out into the abyss. I'm usually fine with that. I like shouting well enough. But right now, when I have to make decisions on how to use my time best, it's starting to back-burner itself hardcore.

What is the return on my investment with writing these posts every day? 

There are lots... hold on...


  1. Getting to practice writing everyday
  2. Finding my voice and a good balance on seeing what works and what's "rough"
  3. Building up a body of work that I can say, "See? I say words about stuff!"
  4. Somewhere in those words, people might find comfort and/or usefulness
  5. Somewhere in that comfort and/or usefulness, they might share it with someone else
  6. More comfort and/or usefulness potential

Oh, alllll right, you guys. You convinced me. I'll get to work.

- Steph

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