03 August 2012

We wanna CELEBRATE! - On getting hitched at a comic convention

There's a lot of reasons why I wanna celebrate this year (and even some things that I wish I could forget), but the biggest thing I'd like to get excited about is my upcoming nuptials!

If you haven't heard the rumours that Roger and I have been spreading since the beginning of this year, we're totally getting married!!! And we're doing it at APE 2012!

I usually draw a comic on my envelope for the comic book convention application. This year, I drew an invite & shared it on the interwebs. It looks like this:

Pretty silly to put on your application envelope, right? But we're hopeful it'll happen!

Anywho, we've been trying to think about how we want our wedding to go down. All we know is the following:
  • We're ultra broke so it's gotta be simple
  • It's gonna be at our booth at APE an hour before the end of the first day. :)
  • We want to get a taco truck for the food bit at our place, but probably won't be able to afford it
    • We'll probably make a lot of enchilada casseroles, salads & punch
  • We can't afford to buy tickets for everyone to get into APE to see us get married
    • Someone said that's okay, since people just wanna come to support us. We hope that's true!
  • We have no idea how to get married at a comic book convention or if they'll even let us do it.
With wedding planning comes a lot of money necessity and craziness, so we're foregoing that  part. I mean, I don't even have an engagement ring! Roger might make me one...

Roger makes cute polymer clay sculptures, so maybe a cupcake ring? Check out his Etsy shop, Effing Awesome!
... which has the potential to be pretty cool! :) Anywho, since the wedding about 2 months away, we have to get started on officially inviting people. If you're gonna be in San Francisco around mid October, you should stop by & party with us!

These are the kinds of faces we make at shows:

You've been warned of the zaniness! :D

I imagine that I'll be pretty excited when we can just go home with the well earned titles of "HUSBAND & WIFE!" I'm sure it'll look something like the comic version I did of it a million years ago.

The way I imagined exiting my wedding in "A Girl Can Dream, Right?" - $3 USD

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  1. Wow!!! May I be the first to say, "Squeee!!!" Wonderful news!


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