19 April 2012

The Life Geektastic: Cherry Blossom Round 1!

Self-pixelated portrait taken at 3:30 AM:
when stitching tiny necklace art & wearing HUGE glasses makes sense

I've had an obsession with glasses for as long as I can remember. Although I have 20/20-ish vision, I own several pairs of awesome frames for various occassions. You never know when you  need to blend in with a four-eyed posse. In my case, I'm like a "NERD SCOUT" - I'm always prepared.

Thank you for all the rad humans that came out to see me & my wares during Round One of the Cherry Blossom Festival on the 14th & 15th. You could have been doing your taxes. You could have been eating sushi instead. You probably were even tempted to go watch some awesome movies at the Kabuki Theatre. But you came out to see me.

And those of you who didn't come out to see me, I know you wanted to. I received so many lovely emails & updates via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram about how much you wanted to hang out last weekend. No worries, y'all! I've got news...

I'll still be vending this weekend - April 21 & 22!

Right now my lovely intern, Christel, and I are working our little insomniatic fingers like it's goin' outta style in the name of Cherry Blossom - Round Two. If you happened to miss the amazing spread of cuddles & colours, you're in luck! We're doing our best to get all the items we sold restocked this week, along with some fan faves that didn't make the cut last week: Shy Boo, Goomba & Chain Chomp!

One of the things I'm most proud of was how much we connected with customers at Cherry Blossom. Whether it was over our mutual love of adorable plushies or the fact that everyone was constantly quoting "Don't Be Poopy" from the kit (no matter what their age!) - we had a blast!

Something I talked about with my Epic Friends last week was about my special deal for preordering my Handmade Felt Brooches. Some of my Rad Blog Readers don't get a chance to come to SF & rock out with us, so why not bring the party to them?! I'm offering the same deal to my online homies as I am the in-person humans: Grab your 2 Fave Brooches for only $25! (reg $32)

The kinds of pics I post on Instagram. You should totally follow me.

So, there's a much more awesome wrap up-date coming up next week about the WHOLE AWESOMENESS of Cherry Blossom - but in the meantime, feel free to drop by the NEW PEOPLE building (1746 Post Street, SF, CA 94115) from 11 AM to 6 PM both Saturday the 21st & Sunday the 22nd. :) 

And if you could spread the news on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere you think someone who'd be in the mood for my plush items would be hangin' out, I'd super-adore you for, like, ever!

I mean that, you know.

Okay, back to making teeny, tiny stitches at 6 AM. Maybe this time I'll really need the huge glasses. ;)

<3 - Steph


  1. I wish I looked as good in glasses as YOU do! ♥


    1. I've seen you in glasses, Cody, & you're stunning.

      Maybe you mean that you wish you looked better in clown glasses... THAT statement I can understand.

      Not everyone can rock 20" frames... only silly, fat San Franciscans who stopped caring... or possibly New Yorkers making fashion statements.

      *cheeky wink*


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