30 March 2012

CRAFTCATION! - I'm Little Miss Etsy!

Kick Off BBQ Photo Booth at Craftcation
From Left to Right: Me, Dorothy Mack, Ashley Jennings,
Tiffany Moore, Danielle Maveal & Marlo Miyashiro

You guys... I had such a blast at Craftcation this last weekend. So many dreams came true that I've gotta list em to make any sense of it all!

  • I was flown out by Etsy, Inc to represent them as an Etsy Ambassador!
  • I taught a really rad class on Etsy 101 - Starting Your Etsy Shop. Here's an action shot!
Steph, Etsy 101 Class
Image Credit: Rosalie Gale of Unanimous Craft  

  • The folks who took the class kept telling me how much I ROCKED the whole weekend. I'm still getting "Thank You" emails from these amazing humans! :D
  • I went to every event they had (including the 80s Dance Party) & followed up with fellow Etsy Sellers on their small businesses. More photo booth action in between consultations...

Tiffany Moore & Steph Cortes at Craftcation's 80s Dance Party

Tiffany Moore is every 80s high school boy's fantasy! So glad I committed to go BALLS-OUT-80s with her.
I'm rockin it with my side ponytail, sparkly headband (thanks to my Panamanian model cousin), rad earrings from Boo + Boo Factory AND my awesome red skirt MADE FROM SCRATCH by my epic fiance, Roger!

  • In all that follow up, I realised that it made sense to finally launch myself into Creative Biz Consulting. So if you need help, you can now hire me to help you succeed! I'm super awesome at it, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it! Email me for deets!
  • And I still had some time for fun in the sun in Ventura, CA at the hotel where "Little Miss Sunshine" was filmed. Since I'm a huge film geek, not only did I constantly incorrectly quote the movie, but I had to take pictures!

Delilah's fabulously restored VW Van that I got to ride in! Lovingly known as The Jam Van!

So, that was MOST of it, but totally not all of it. I guess what I took away from my whole Craftcation experience was that I thoroughly enjoy helping people succeed. I have been helping people do this for YEARS, but it's only recently that I've realised that I've been doing what I loved all along.

Remember that list of Things I Want To Do More Of in 2012? Well, this weekend hit on almost all of them!

1. Read Books
2. Travel
4. Write More (I wrote a ton) / Blog More
6. Walking
7. Take more photos
8. Get Organised
9. TEACH! And Start Consulting!

I love it when dreams come true!! 


  1. looks like you have a complete blast! totally jealous of the sideways ponytail & 80's party... actually i just got up to get my neon scrunchy and pick my bangs! congratulations and wishing you tons and tons of success

    1. First off - you totally awed me when you said you got up to get your neon scrunchy. Then you went & did you bangs! People - she TOTALLY did her bangs & THEN took product photos for her Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/96545354/april-fools-day-geeky-disguise-tshirt EPIC!

      Thanks for all the congrats & well wishes. I'm still on a high from it all. And with bangs like those, I'm just excited to know you. :)

    2. Bahaha well I figured what the hell- lets not waste the aquanet! :) Thanks for sharing TrashN2Tees both her & on twitter- You rock!

  2. yay Steph! Loved this post! You're rockin the world!

    1. Thanks so much, Liz! I'm certainly WORKIN' on rockin' the world. hehe I know there is much more to rock, so I'm going to do my best in getting out there. :)

      Also, I just learned some PR tips from Craftcation & the Etsy Success Symposium. I haven't even cracked that PR book yet (except to use it as an iPad holder), but I reckon we'd both get a lot from these tips. I'll bring it to the next League of Awesome Meeting. :D

  3. YOU were f-ing AWESOME chica!! so in love that you know "pende"- you are killer and that was the icing on the cake!

    thank you for everything and many more adventures (VW bus style!)

    1. DELILAH!!! *huggggssss*

      Humans - this is 1/2 of the genius that came up with Craftcation! Delilah is an amazing human being that made everyone feel welcome & at home in Ventura, CA for the weekend. Her hombre, Gustavo Arellano, was the brilliant PR lecturer that I learned so much from, Liz!

      Aside for running thoroughly successful conference, Delilah is an amazing jam maker & all around amazing business woman. Check out more on her here: http://www.craftcationconference.com/ventura/speakers-instructors/?subject=lineup&_year=2012&artist=1

      Not that I need to write a blog post about you in the comments! I had an f-ing blast with you, lady! The fact that we connected over crafts & "pendes" just makes it awesomer! :D

      Thank you for letting me ride in your amazing VW bus (aka the Jam Van). I hope we have more adventures in it in 2013. :D

      xoxox See you on April 13th if you have a chance to go away..?

    2. trying to get away chica, but my pinche store has been slammed (BTW, you do some wholesale your shiz?) and i have 6 stores and 2 bars waiting for pinche preserves (very behind)....trying to work logistic.
      if not i will email you Gustavo's info and you guys should hook it up!

      my email just in case-besos!

      PS: LOVE the pic of the Jam Van!!!

    3. trying to get away, pinche shop and jam is nuts though. Email me and i will send you gustavo's info b/c you guys should totally hang while there, i will probably be over a stove crying into my strawberry-chamomile jam.

      BTW: you wholesale??
      PS: love the picture of the van!!

  4. i KNEW this would happen...my first pinche post didnt show so i wrote a shorter post and now look-2 pinche posts!
    can you erase one for me?

    what a pende i am!

  5. You make me smile so much so hopefully this will make you smile! Happy award to you!


  6. congrats!

    ps that blue vw is GORGEOUS! x

    Barnicles :)


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