17 August 2012

Bearo likes Bob-Ombs! Even in Japan! - A Toy's Travelogue

Mini Bob-Omb w/ Tanooki Mario in Japan!
Photo courtesy of bearo.com
There was a day earlier this year when I got a lovely email from Jian Shen, the curator of the awesome Bearo blog, asking me if there was a chance we could do a feature together.

He runs a blog that features designer toys (mainly vinyl, but we would make some room for plush nerdity) and I design custom toys!

Awesome sauce!

So we met at the Cherry Blossom Festival and started chatting about all kinds of toy goodness!

He even did a sweet feature which included my plushies and the whole festival experience (which was ultra awesome)! Plus, his pictures of my items are phenomenal! It's as if you could just reach out and touch them through the screen.

I mean, who else could make Thwomp look so insanely terrifying and really adorable at the same time?!

Thwomp - photo courtesy of bearo.com
Hot Pink Bob-Omb
photo courtesy of bearo.com

If you dig toys & amazing photographs of toys, take the time to meander over to Jian's new blog, Bearo! I promise you'll be amazed with how gorgeous everything is! I could spend a whole afternoon drooling over all of the eye candy!

Plus, if you've never been to Japan (like me), you can check out Mini Bob-Omb near Tokyo Tower and live vicariously through his trip through a sunny day in Tokyo while Hot Pink Bob-Omb devours French macaroons in California. :)

The trip begins here!

Thank you so much, Jian, for taking the time to feature my items - and especially for being patient for me to take the time to tell the world about your amazing photographs!

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