01 April 2011

Memes? For reals? - The Handwriting Game

Although I'm a firm believer in writing pretty when I have to, when I saw Tammy, from PunkRawkPurl, rock her sassy hand-writing full force, it inspired me to whip out the quick writing I've had most of my life.

Not much one for internet memes, I didn't know whether this would be a post that anybody would be into. But really, I guess I wanted to see what people thought of it. I know that I love getting a sneak peek into my fave artists' lives; why not give a little of that back?

So here's how I roll:

I'd really dig seeing the handwriting of some of my fave ladies:
a) Danielle from bunnydee
b) Bettina from icky.the.GREAT
c) Alana from Etta + Billie

There's a whole lot you can tell from a person's hand-writing. I used to check out a book at my elementary school's library in Hayward when I was a kid and try to decipher what people were feeling when they wrote notes in classes, long book reports and even my mom's grocery lists.

I suppose it's only natural that when I saw this, I was curious to see other people's hand-writing, too. If you're into it, feel free to posting a link to what your list looks like:

  1. Your name - Blog Name
  2. Your Blog URL
  3. Write out: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  4. Favourite Quote
  5. Favourite Song
  6. Favourite Musicians/Bands
  7. Something you say...
  8. Tag people for the game

I know it's kind of nerdy (and somewhat optimistic), but I'm really looking forward to seeing some handwriting. hehe

UPDATE: Here's Bettina from icky the GREAT's hand-writing. It's awesome and way slanted - meaning she's in a hurry to get stuff done - like yesterday! *laughs* She's currently work on her thesis for her Masters in Animation and I'm really stoked she did this for me.

I know there probably isn't a good chance that tons of people will do this, but even getting one was awesome. :D

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  1. awesome! I am so glad that you did this post! & thanks for the mention. xox


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