28 March 2011

Been in a bit of a funk... need funny videos!

Some disturbing news has kind of... well, disturbed me as of late. So, sincerest apologies to all of my rad readers.

But, to make up for my absence, I've decided to share one of my favourite YouTube vids. And in a time of distress, one can be comforted in knowing that somewhere in the UK, a geek boy is playing a kazoo solo to a Justin Timberlake song.

Ladies & gents: Brett Domino!

Seriously, it's because of this guy that I wanna make a new nerdy cross-stitch with a key-tar that says "Rock On!"

You know what? I think I will. ;) And I reckon I'll send one to Mr. Domino.

This really has cheered me up. Anyone else have any geektastic videos to share? I'd love to see 'em!

P.S. Also love Maru-chan!


  1. omg! that cat in the box video!!
    OH EM GEE!!!
    My favorite is the slim box, I keep re watching it! the way he dives in w/ his face!
    I miss Rosco's box playing days.

  2. Rosco used to play in boxes! Man... I wish MY cat would have done that. He likes to lay ON boxes... :)

  3. HAAAA!

    One of our favorite children's books is "My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes" (The cat from France likes to Sing and Dance.... the cat from Greece joined the police... but My cat likes to hide in boxes.") Amen for the redeeming powers of humor, in all its odd and lovely manifestations. hope you're less funky soon (well, you know what i mean).


  4. Oh I loved them! When he pulled out the keytair was great. and what is it about cats and boxes? my female loves to nestle down in any small space. i think the thin box was my favorite.

    you out a major geektastic smile on my face :)



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