28 January 2010

The funny thing about crochet...

.. is that I only seem to be able to do it at past 10 PM until almost 8 AM. And since I've had a few custom orders to fill, I've been going to sleep when the garbage trucks come out.

My rule is if the sun is up, you should have gone to bed an hour ago.

On the one hand, getting stuff done rocks ass! On the other hand, being awake when HR calls would be great! :D

So, now that most things are done, I've started thinking about the next thing. I finished new mini sizes for all the Pac-Man Ghosts. They are effin' cute, if I do say so myself. I mean, crocheting the eyes used to make em kinda bulky (which made my face sad) but embroidering the felt and stitching them on seems to work really well. I can layer and do all kinds of things I normally wouldn't do.

Also, I've been workin' on the embroidery and stitching skills this WHOLE TIME. It's awesome! I like it so much more than doing the Magic-Ring of doom over and over until the yarn decides it wants to cooperate on the 7th attempt.

Now that I've gotten better, I decided to purchase more things to invest in the Post-It Holder Typewriter idea. It's adorable and still in the planning phase, but I can't wait to do all the cutting and stitching. I'm thinking of using buttons (really tiny ones) for keys and metallic thread for the metallic parts. Also, big rad buttons for the two ends that you feed the paper through. I even got some Post-Its (do you know how much those guys COST?!?) to include in the posting on Etsy. I hope it works out.

I wonder if anyone can think of any other vintage type things to make into cool little items. I'm re-evaluating the BOOBS calculator iPhone case and thinking of upgrading the design. :)

Here's a picture of the original. Rock on.

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