19 January 2010

Caution Cones Gone Wild

Cos I thought they might be rad, I made a jar trying to open itself and called them "Weak Sauce." Not many have sold, despite people thinking they're cute. I suppose it's time to put them on sale and start working on new things.

That being said, my new things are starting to come into being by working with eco-felt and embroidery thread... so far, not so bad.

Made some Pac-Man Ghosts and am working on getting some blue felt to sew on the REGULAR Pac-Man ghosts' eyes. I was thinking of cute things for Valentine's Day and I came up wth Ghosts with hearts in their eyes. It was so cute. At first, I thought about making them like Kiss-Kiss Bears, but that didn't work for me.

Now, I'm finally putting my punny bone to work with a caution cone. I was walking down the street one night with my boyfriend and saw one on the road. Then I began to ask myself, "If I was a caution cone, what would I say?" and it came to me.. "I'm warning you...!"

So here's the first parts of this version. I reckon I'll be finishing it up later on tonight.

Hope ya'll like it.

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