07 January 2010

Mario Stars in the Works

So a friend of mine asked me to remake a Goomba after I'd announced that I no longer was able to get the yarn to make it. I started trying to make a Goomba with another thicker type of yarn, but it's way bigger than I thought it was going to be.


However, I was able to accomplish making her a Mario Star. I used a really pretty shiny type of baby yarn that would kind of glitter like a star when held near the light. It's also been reinforced several times in order to make it super durable when being played with (by super young children or mischievous adults). I'm pretty excited by the fact that it came out so well.

I'd made the mistake of not showing how big it is with a common household item before, but I will not make that mistake again. :D Especially since I drink Starbucks coffee all the time.

Since Goomba is so huge, I might have to make him go for as much as a Bob-Omb ($35). The Mario Star is going for $25 since he's super rockin' awesome. If you wanna take a look at some of the other stuff I've got goin' on, check out www.NerkJerk.etsy.com. I'm going to try to make some more posts about my process... but I sort of suck at that.

Speakin' about processes, Jeffrey Brown is going to be sellin' a minicomic about his creativeness called "Process" at Indy Euphoria this weekend. I was going through some of my old comic so that I might show him, but I just came across some that might be sort of embarrassing. Just ramblings of a fan-girl, I suppose. But I guess it sort of made me perk up the courage to write to him. I asked if I could show him some of my stuff. I hope he writes back.

I mean, I don't know what I'll do if he writes back, but I suppose I'd just have to go out and show him my stuff.

Here's a sample of one of my older comics.

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