26 May 2012

On being exhausted & ghost-hunting

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The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of one situation to manage after the other, guys. And to be perfectly honest, I'm completely exhausted by it all.

I thought that taking some time away from social media (I'm 12 days into a 30 day Internet Rehab, btw) would help give me some perspective about what I really need to accomplish in life.

Turns out that I just wanna turn everything to do with "work" (also known as the beast I constantly manage called nerd JERK) the heck off for a while.

This may be because I never get everything done my To Do Lists.. and in some cases, have never gotten back to some really kind people (I'm looking at you Cody from Daft Crafts and Katrina from toffee magazine)... but, again, to be perfectly honest - I just don't have the bandwidth!

It's gotten the point that I wake up in the morning, email people if I have to, then avoid everything by crocheting & watching ghost shows on Netflix.

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I mean it, guys... I've even resorted to watching most of "Ghost Lab"!! And it's not a great show.

So now that it's late at night, I've spooked myself out by watching 12 hrs of ghost shows and my boyfriend and cats won't stay up with me to speculate as to whether or not we should do an investigation on our house (We totally should! But I'm scared!!!), I'm left here to whimper into the internets about how much I'm not getting done while getting a lot of other stuff done.

I need a real vacation...

If anyone would like to pay for one, or even wants to paranormally investigate my house, let's chat. ;)


  1. Camping. That's a vacation!
    I happen to know where some of that could be done... btw.

  2. Dude. I am SO understanding what you are talking about. I look at life like a big chess game...but since I don't really know how to play I end up pushing all of my pieces up one square at a time - slowly but surely - until eventually I get to the other side! LOL ;) Hang in there, ok?

  3. I don't know if you saw this but You, Yes You were featured in not only a treasury but a treasury made by an Etsy admin which is part of the Sellers Handbook. http://www.etsy.com/treasury/NTE4OTI4NXwyNzIwMjEwNjI1/descriptions-that-sell
    What I like about your products is I know it's yours when I see it. You keep rockin!


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