01 August 2011

An afternoon photo-shoot with Stefanie Renee

Photo by Stefanie Renee
It's true, folks... sometimes I'm a little weird about taking photos. 

Maybe weird isn't the right word. Maybe it's more like I see a camera and then my face tenses all funny at the thought of a lens being pointed in my general direction.

Yeah... kinda like that!

Except I didn't have to feel all "weird" when I spent an afternoon laughing & cracking craftastic jokes with my friend.

So it's great that a very talented lady named Stefanie Renee came along with her fancy pants camera & eye for beauty. Cos she got some fabulously candid photographs of some of my creations of our photo-shoot last week in my neighborhood in San Francisco. :)

New prototype for the Turntable Nerdy Cross Stitch Kit Pattern
Photo by Stefanie Renee
Another prototype for a new line of broaches - Retro Polaroid
Photo by Stefanie Renee
Been wearing this broach for months now! Really need to get on making & selling them soon. But I just love it so much! I hope everyone else will love it enough to appreciate all the attention to detail (not to mention the awesome vintage button lens)!
New Sea Foam Typewriter Cross-Stitch Pendant
Photo by Stefanie Renee
When I went on a trip with the ladies in LIDL last month (check out a blog post about our shenanigans here - courtesy of Cindy Ann Ganaden), I spent a good portion of a Saturday working on this perfecting this pattern. I'm in LOVE with the colour SEA GREEN and with vintage typewriters. It seemed to make sense that this pendant would come into being. I'm sure Stef shares my love of all things green & vintage!
My awesome vintage green Schwinn bike
Photo by Stefanie Renee
We had so much fun on this photo shoot, that I almost forgot I was kind of nervous to be getting my photos taken. :) 

Get ready to be featured, folks!
Photo by Stefanie Renee
But really, since I'm working non-stop trying to get my business to sky-rocket into epicness, it seemed like it was time to take the next step & start getting professional style photos of myself done. Cos hey - you never know when you're gonna be an Etsy Featured Seller or even interviewed by BUST magazine, right? (Those are two my biggest dreams!!)
I kinda love yarn a lot :)
Photo by Stefanie Renee
So I'm getting ready to dream big!

If you are ready to take that next step and need some profession shots take of you in your awesome creavite environment, then I'd love to recommend Stefanie Renee. :) She's currently running a promotion for folks that want to document their lives through photography: portraits, events, "day in the life" sessions, etc. She's got a great eye and really loves her craft. 
Read more about her New Photo Package Special on her website!


  1. Thanks so much friend - what a fabulous post of all your fabulousness and a bit of mine :) such great fun with you! missed you today at LIDL...hope to see you soon!

  2. Yeah, Stef's photoshoots rock. And your photos are gorgeous!You're super-duper photogenic!

  3. Great photos! BTW- I saw some of your stuff in a Pacifica bookstore that I was browsing in on my lunchbreak from work. It was like you said "hello!"

  4. Such lovely photos, and I"m excited about your prototypes! Especially that little broach ;)


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