23 August 2011

Question about Revisiting Comics - APE 11

Some things heal with time.
From ...You Don't Have To Be a Dreamboat
An unfinished comic about a guy I knew

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from Justin Dutta of Comic-Con International, letting me know that THEY know "that [APE 11] is very important to [me & my] company."

And, dudes, don't get me wrong, I'm stoked!! I had given up hope on participating in Alternative Press Expo this year as an exhibitor, as so many of my friends had already been given word of getting in such a long time ago. But I'm still kind of dumb-struck again this year...

Have I drawn anything new? NOPE! Have I done ANYTHING remotely comic-y? Nuh-uh. I've been getting by on the two 24-HR Comics I've done. And I haven't even put the new one for sale yet... a year later. :( I'm gonna just take a chance and call that a COMIC FAIL.

So that had me thinkin' about the body of work I've already got from 2008...

Elevator Boogie in an Art Store
From ...You Don't Have To Be a Dreamboat

It's called "...You Don't Have to be a Dreamboat" and is based on a dating experience I had that year with a foxy hipster. Yeah - we've all been there... right?

Anyway, I drew "..Dreamboat" kind of like a diary: it helped me cope with my excitement, lows and uncertainty surrounding this affair. While it's 3 years later and I feel very happily "married" (seriously, the only thing missing is a certificate), I'm wondering if I could get the story right in time for APE 11.

I thought redrawing the whole thing would be best, as I drew this comic a) on the bus, b) in miniature (like Jeffrey Brown) and c) as a beginner in comics. As time went on and I drew more panels per day, I progressed in my style. My current drawing style is a bit awesomer than all this.
What do you all think? If I re-draw it, I might be able to get 24 pages done by the end of September. If I don't, would it be acceptable to print a rough draft?
          What would YOU do?

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