17 June 2011

Geek Chic Guide - Derby Girls

'Derby Girls Rock my World!' by NerdJerk

I've got a wicked obsession with all things Roller Derby. Not-so-secretly crushing on the idea of being a full-blown Derby Girl is one of my specialties! Here's some rad gear that makes me wanna buy that first pair of skates and rock out!

I'm pretty sure of a few things in life... and one of those truths is that "We are all geeks about SOMETHING!"

Whereas I've never been too ashamed of my geekiness (heck - it's how I make a livin'! Thank you, loyal fans!), I do have a long-standing secret crush & embarrassing point of shame about said secret.
Awesome starter skates that I've been
eyeing since before Maker Faire 2011.
On SALE for $144.99 USD
I wanna be a bad-ass derby girl!!! RAWR! :)
 I am totally afraid of skating. :(
Okay, okay! I can hear you all the way from over here!
  • "What's WRONG with you?" 
  • "How could you wanna be a derby girl and not be willing to suck it up and get a little beat up?" 
  • "There's no way you'd make it as a bad-ass. Better stick to yarn!" 

And you know what? Part of that might be right! But not all of it. So to answer your (*ahem* hypothetical) questions:
    • Nothing is truly wrong with me other than:
      1. I was traumatized by roller blades as a young child. Take 9 y.o. girl with poor balance, add roller blades, a rope, a bike and some sugar-crazed kid pulling you along downhill on asphalt. Marinate for almost 20 years. Serve.
      2. I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life & as other types of physical exercise leave little to be desired, the prospect of derby gets my blood going!
      3. Roller Blades are not Roller Skates.Roller skates have the potential to hold more weight at a better distribution. And possibly go slower... down hills?
    Roller Derby Poster by Whiskey7Art - $5 USD on Etsy
    • Dude - although I've got these extra pounds and gimpy crochetitized wrists, I'm willing to make it happen. I just need to get that first pair of skates. I suppose I can *grow* a pair while I'm savin' to buy a pair.
    • I will stick to yarn, but I'll do you one better. I'll make my own bad-ass derby gear. ;) Being a hookin' baller has it's perks.
    That being said, I ended up getting an email from Erica of Derby Girls Blog about possibly doing some advertising on their site. As I've yet to fully invest myself into the derby culture, I don't know if I would quite fit in very well. But it still got me thinkin' about how much I love the culture! Which led me to looking at my favourites on Etsy! Which led to a treasury! Which is what today's Geek Chic Guide is all about!

    What activities have you just been dying to try out?!
    Have you gone for it yet? If not, what's holdin' you back?


    1. derby is super fun! you can do it! it is also a great way to get lots of exercise without FEELING like you are exercising...

      I am on a baby injury, but as soon as I push this baby out I cant wait to get back on skates ♥

    2. I couldn't agree with Erica more. Derby makes you feel strong & empowered, just do it! Also, hitting someone so hard (legally) that they go flying is pretty awesome.

    3. Awesome post. I haven't enjoyed derby as much in the Bay Area as I did when I lived in Tucson - some wild gals there! - but it's definitely a fun time

    4. Steph, I too, am terrified of skates. Had a similar childhood bad experience and have never thought about trying it again.
      I'd love to see you rock them though.... ;)

      My recent obsession is about learning how to sew (with a machine). But, I am also scared of my sewing machine (which I got for my birthday in may). I'm taking baby steps, i can identify the parts of the machine, and I can almost thread it, but I have yet to turn it on. sigh. I'll get there, and then watch out!

    5. I totally have a secret desire to become a derby girl but I'm terrified that I'd end up breaking bones. Plus my gimpy knees probably would hate me for it. Getting old sucks! :(


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