13 June 2011

Vlog #2 - Living the Life of Nerdity

A young Steph Cortes, nerding out over
generic brand crayons. I still get that crazy
look in my eyes when I see bright colours!
Trust me, you don't get to call yourself the Master of Geekery without earning it somehow! And while I may not have earned it conventionally through hardcore Nintendo Entertainment System gaming at the age of 2 in 1985, I believe that I have indeed willingly participated in enough button-mashing marathons (with minimum tours in D&D campaigns as a blood-thirsty ninja) to have been awarded the right to an MFA in Nerdity.

That being said, I thought I would take this opportunity to show my followers a little more about what my day to day life looks like, starting with a tour of my bedroom.

Not that it's that kinda tour, but more of a peek into a little of the "hoarder-like madness" behind the curtain of kawaii plush at nerd JERK.

DISCLAIMER: This video may be a bit overwhelming to librarians and retail craft store sales associates, as it may trigger flashbacks of previous stressful workplace environments. Proceed with caution.

I love colour! And I love crayons! :D
My severe love for crayons has never died. In fact, with time, it has only grown stronger.

I guess that's why I have such an obsession with things that bring back nostalgia. When forced to deduce my brand into a few sentences today, all I could come up with was:
nerd JERK aims to excite your inner geek with a love for all that is old-school & retro! 
And really... what more is there for me to say?!

Tell me a little bit about what makes you feel like a geek!

I  know I can't be the only one enjoying making plush typewriters, smelling the pages of old books and occassionaly bustin' out that 64 pack of Crayolas. :)


  1. I love the smell of crayons, too!!!
    I am a geek bigtime, especially with Wonder Woman and Princess Leia/Star Wars. Also, Legos (or is it spelled with an "e" like "tomatoes". Also, Pippi Longstocking, and treehouses, and the Matterhorn, and Cheburashka, and miniature things...
    :) http://www.katykristin.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm geeking out over you shelves of lovely yarns. So jealous :)


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