21 March 2011

Awesome Artist Feature: The Basement Invaders

Mario Mega Bee Boo & Mini Mushroom Glasses Set
by The Basement Invaders - $55 USD
Here at nerd JERK, I get pretty excited when I find some geekery that I can feature. And when I'm able to find out more about the rad people behind it, even better!

So, I'm gonna share with ya a little something I call the radness! Otherwise known as Jason & Alex, the geniuses behind The Basement Invaders!

Combining a love for retro video gaming and including nerdity in every aspect of life, The Basement Invaders have made time in their busy lives to create one of a kind art pieces at a certain caliber of geekosity.

Here are a couple of my new favourite people in the world:

What's your name, where are you from & what's your business about!? 
We are Jason Minsterketter and Alex Hernly AKA The Basement Invaders. We are from Bloomington, Indiana. We are about creating fun, functional, and generally geeky art pieces. 

Mario Wario Luigi & Waluigi
Mustache Shot Glass Set
by The Basement Invaders
$30 USD
When & why did you start your Etsy shop?
Both of us had always been into crafts for most of our lives, but that hobby had fallen by the wayside when we went to college and were pummeled by shiny new adult responsibilities. Then one fateful day we met; a few months later started dating and discovered our mutual love of creating art. So we started doing crafts together, and teaching each other new skills. Fairly quickly our room started to fill up with our creations that had no place to go. When I say our room filled up, I mean it got so cluttered that when I bumped into a bookcase a sculpture fell on my head, OUCH! So, we started our Etsy shop in January 2011 to share our geeky creations with the world!
Small Glow-in-the-Dark Boo Earrings
by The Basement Invaders - $12 USD

How did you come up with your business name?
Our shop name, The Basement Invaders, is actually recycled from an all girl punk band I (Alex) was part of in high school. I had a long history and love of the name, so when we were discussing what to call our shop, I suggested it. Aside from the facts that I loved the name and missed the fun days of the punk band, we decided The Basement Invaders is an appropriate name because we routinely raid basements for many of our art supplies.

How do you combat "creative blocks" in your life?
We start a new project or learn a new skill! Right now we are starting electroforming with copper. Raiding a new basement can inspire us as well. Our parents and grandparents have so many boxed and stored art supplies we might as well call this an inherited business!

Mario Inspired Goomba Drinking Glasses - Set of 2
by The Basement Invaders - $20 USD

Do you have a favourite Etsy Seller that inspires you or what you look up to? Tell us about them.
Mythdemeanor is the shop of our RL friends Crescentwench and her girlfriend. They were the first people we knew who sold there, and hearing about their process made having a shop seem like a realistic goal. They do wonderfully geeky clothes and other sewing-based arts.

Check out more about The Basement Invaders on the interwebs here:

The Awesome Artist Feature series will be running on Mondays at nerd JERK: Inspire Your Inner Geek.

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