26 January 2011

Recommit to Being Awesome - GET YOUR PAINT ON!

brushes in mati's studio
photo by kelly rae roberts

Now that we're a few weeks into the new year, let's check in... How have you done with YOUR resolutions?

We all might have asked ourselves to recommitt to eating better and exercising more, but how many of us asked ourselves to be more creative?

That's one of the greatest resolutions to ever give yourself!

With more creativity, you're able to open up a whole new world of awesomeness. And I happen to know a couple of people who can help you be more awesome, too!

lisa and mati at their joint art show in 2009
photo by kelly rae roberts

Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough are joining forces next week to teach people from all over how to work their raddness all over the canvas with Get Your Paint On . This "5-week online tutorial course in painting... is designed to support both beginning painters and more experienced artists... while [Lisa + Mati] share their unique and colorful  approach to painting in a warm and welcoming environment."

Two very successful artists (featured in various books, shows, galleries and, of course, Etsy) who make amazing art want to show other people how to make art for 5 weeks? That's pretty awesome.

There are lot of areas that Get Your Paint On will cover (i.e. using colour, creating beautiful composition), but the best part will be the creative online community in which so many of us already thrive! Your fellow artisans will be honing their skills or picking up a new one; this seems like a good time of year to recommitt to being awesome!

Check out more info about Get Your Paint On here! 


  1. just wanted to say -- your blog is looking so danged good! :-)

  2. I'm taking their course and it is totally awesome!! :-)


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