18 January 2011

The nerd with new hair - From long & wavy to short & sassy!

I sure needed a makeover! Many thanks to Patty & Pauline at Shear Irish!
When I was younger, I was wild and full of dreams. I had only just gotten into the Beatles & Elliott Smith, picked up a guitar and started writing songs. I had yet to really delve into crochet and film history, let alone the art scene in San Francisco. There was a lot to be discovered. One of those discoveries was wearing my hair short and pink. :)

A lot of people know that I just wrap my hair in a bun or a ponytail and go to where I need to be. Probably cos I don't like spending a ton of time on my looks these days. So my friends & fans are always surprised when I show them how long my hair is. I guess one of the subconscious reasons for always putting it up was cos I missed it being short and out of the way.

So, I figured, if that's how it's gonna be, it was time for a change!

Having finally realised that, I decided to book a hair appointment today! My friend & fellow artist, Bettina from icky the great, had had a wonderful experience with Shear Irish in the Parkside, San Francisco last year. I had spent too much time asking friends for hair referrals (or even experimental haircuts! Eeep!) to eff around any longer.

So I check them out on Yelp and found out about their offer for the rest of the month!

1 free Hair Cut
1st time clients only, Mention Yelp for free hair cut with highlight or color purchase with stylist Patty. Trained by Aveda. Exp 1/31/11

Are you flippin' serious? It was like it was meant to be!

Not wanting to waste another minute, I called and left a message to schedule an appointment. The lovely Irish owner, Pauline, called back within a half hour to fit me in that afternoon.

When I told my friend, Rachel of Battle Against Boredom, that I wanted to get back to my roots and dye my hair pink, she told me there was nothing like getting your hair professionally coloured. "It's like the greatest thing it the world!" I was told.

So when I went in for my 12:30 with Patty, I had already my made decision to let her do whatever she wanted to with my hair. :) There were little bowls with pastes, brushes & foil involved. It was odd to be stuck under a set of heatlamps. I imagined that what eggs feel like sometimes. But Patty & Pauline were very reassuring about the process.

All in all, I finally got my groove back! Having formed a brand for nerd JERK involving lots of bright colours and awesomeness, I sure had let my personal awesomeness go by the wayside! 

With freshly purchased vintage-inspired 50s librarian glasses and a thrifted old cardigan, my new hair packed the perfect punch!
  • Side swiped bangs (for future emo moments)
  • Textured curly layers (so that I don't have to style it)
  • Shorter in the back, longer in the front (reversing bad 80s mullet effects of an ill-advised self-haircut a few months earlier had caused)
  • Chunks of HOT PINK within the layers (for a subtle punk look)
  • Grey hairs gone wild! (in my quest to achieve the Rogue from X-Men bangs look one day!)
Great fricken day to drop some cash & see some seriously awesome results! Thanks so much to Patty & Pauline for helpin' this nerd get some rad back into her life!


  1. For the win!
    You look snazzy, and most important... happy!
    PS: Waited all day for this post.

    Wait a second, I am trying to find my socks, because you rocked them off!

  2. seriously sassy...love the hair and the specs!!!!

  3. OOOOH! I soo love it!!! totally rockin :)


  4. Thanks, ladies!!! I know I feel about a million times more awesome! :D

  5. I love haircuts! Especially this one, on you!


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