24 January 2011

No Awesome Artist Feature? Sadface...

Sadface emoticon fine silver charm
by GSCreations - $12 USD
Ladies and gentlefolk of the blog:

It seems that I can't get always get my Awesome Artists Features up these days. And while I enjoy putting them up for viewing, they sure are a lot of work! :) For that reason, I'm probably going to start featuring some kind of rad Etsy seller every couple of weeks (cos lining them up has been challenging) and start doing real one-on-one question interviews. :)

A new year, some new changes.

Also coming up this new year:
- How to get your studio from bad to fab in one week
- Social Media Marketing: How much do you know about it?
- 5 Easy Ideas for Networking this Year
& many more!
What new changes have you been making for 2011?

1 comment:

  1. right on, look forward to it
    peace n abundance,


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