13 November 2010

Stepping it up - Blog Ad Campaign Poll

Dear Loyal Readers,

First off - You're awesome. Thank you very much for being awesome. I'm pretty dang appreciative.

And because you're so awesome, I'm gonna ask for some help!

I've decided that I need to step it up with my business and start expanding my marketing from $0 to lots of dollars. And by lots of dollars, I mean I'm going to be paying for advertisement on ForeverGeek.com which costs some major bills!

It's not a large space, either, but I've been negotiating with a very kind marketing dude and he's agreed to put 2 125 x 125 banners on rotation. W00t!

Problem is that I designed 3 banners. *raises eyebrow*

Here's the deal - I need help! Since you're my audience and you're awesome, I'd love it if I could get your opinion.

Which 2 (two) blog ads should I use for my Holiday Ad Campaign? 




I'm hoping to have a decision by mid-next week! Count on seeing my name in all kinds of places, including "Geeks With Issues," Bazaar Bizarre, papernstitch, Craftopolis, Statsy and possibly more!

But it all starts with this.

Thanks so much for your help! 

<3 - Steph

p.s. Look forward to some GIVEAWAYS coming soon from our Awesome Artist Feature series and "Geeks With Issues"!


  1. i like choice #3 because it tells the customer that you sell gifts. the others are cute but i don't know why i would click on it.

  2. I like #'s 1 and 2. Besides the fact that I have the mini version of #1, I also like the vibrant colors, it pops! I like #2 because it shows off another talent, something a little different! Good luck!!

  3. 1 & 2, definitely. While I agree with El in liking the gift wording for #3, I found the text design a little distracting with the way it goes right over your image (especially that "d" where a mouth would be).

    I like 1 b/c it's already a very recognizable image for you. It really pops. I wish "inpsire your inner geek" was a teensy bit bigger. I wonder if you could rephrase "gifts for your inner geek" if the main positive thing for #3 is the gift wording?

    2 is very much my favorite. It's legible, clever, and a nicely integrated image.

    hope that helps!

  4. #1...it is the most colorful, crisp, & eye catching and the tag line best represents your shop...the wording in 3 makes me think only click if I am looking for a gift not if I am shopping for myself...crazy maybe but that is how my mind thinks!!!!!

  5. I liked them all, it was so hard! After staring at them for awhile, I decided on 1 and 2. They're the best representation of your shop.

  6. 1 and 2! 1 is bright and catches my attention, and 2 is different from 1 and helps showcase your variety in product.

    Good luck with the ad! :)

  7. I'm going to be different and vote for 2 and 3.

  8. I like 1 and 3, mostly because of the wording. 2 is cute, but the others are pulling the reader in more with "inner geek" and "gift."

  9. I think the 1st and 2nd. I love the colors in both. They realllly pop. I also love the lettering in the second one. :)

  10. the Bob-omb wins for me, I like the how the phrase breaks... I would have clicked on that

  11. Thanks for all the input, ladies!!! I really appreciate it. I just got contacted a little earlier than I thought and ended up choosing what the public wanted.

    Choices #1 & # 2 won out!

    I'll be blogging about all the marketing I'm doing later this week! Woot!


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