03 November 2010

Geek Chic Guide - The "COOL" in School

While other kids would go wild with excitement, splashing in the sprinklers during summer break, I used to make "homework assignments" for the other kids on my block. Everyday, we'd have busy work to do under an old tree in some kid's front yard with handwritten worksheets I would have written out my hand. And everyday I would correct them with joy, using only my coolest stickers for really outstanding pupils.

I guess I always wanted to be a teacher - even when I was just being a 9 year-old nerd.

Since knowledge is STILL power, here are a few items that still pull at my inner 9 year-old's heart strings.

For those intense worksheets...

A wonderfully vintage teacher's stamp set - by twoartdirectors

For remembering when school's in session...

Handmade & printed chalkboard calendar - by somethingshidinghere

For keeping my facts straight...

Awesomely nerdy "Know It All" No. 2 Pencil set - by PaperPastries

For keeping all my pencils & stickers organised...

Linen bag of stuff - by JenHewett

For all the awesome school supplies...

Gorgeous La Pomme Green Tote Bag with 9 Pockets - by ikabags

There more where than came from! Check out my weekly "Geek Chic Guide" on Wednesdays!

What strange little fascination did you have as a child that hinted to what you wanted to do when you grew up?

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  1. Super cool and beautiful selection!

    Many thanks , truly happy mother ikabags !



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