01 November 2010

Awesome Artist Feature: BunnyDee

There are many people in the Etsy community that I admire, whether it be for their photos, descriptions or products. And then there are those Etsy Sellers that I really want to get to know: What's the story behind that illustration? How did you come up with the concept for that piece? What inspires you to be awesome?

Introducing the Awesome Artist Feature series!
In this series, I'll hand-pick outstanding artists with some fantastic work I truly find interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I'd like to share these finds with the rest of the world!

My first Awesome Artist Feature in the series will be with Danielle Gundry-Monji from BunnyDee! A new member of the SF Etsy Street Team, Danielle's been fairly active in the SF Etsy group, which was what caught my eye. When I saw her avatar on my Craftopolis page, I had to check out her stuff... and INSTANTLY fell in love!

Seriously, pretty much everything in her Etsy Shop had a nerd JERK as a Favourite within 5 minutes! So, I had to email her to let her know how rad I thought she was.

Not long after that, we'd established that we were both giant nerds: from a great love of books, to digging the tunes of Kings of Convenience, to a common crush on Alan Rickman, there were some uncanny parallels in our tastes. 

Please enjoy these freakin' awesome insights to a new face around Etsy

Danielle of BunnyDee working on a new idea (Photo by BunnyDee)

  • Who are you? And what drives to you create art?

My name is Danielle Gundry-Monji but thats too long to remember so I go by bunnydee.  I'm a lady from a small town who lives in the city by the bay. 
I think what drives me to create art is the little girl inside of me who always wanted to be an artist. It was always my answer when my parents asked what I wanted to be when I got big. I'm driven by my dreams, much of the imagery I reference comes from little inspirations I run into on a day to day basis. 

  • When & why did you start your Etsy shop?

I've been a buyer on Etsy for quite awhile.  I started actually selling on Etsy a little over two weeks ago.  I was driven by my friends and family telling me to get over my fears and jump in and try it! 

  • Describe your creative process
My creative process is a bit random.  If I get a spark of inspiration I try and write it down.  If I'm at work I write it down on a sticky note so my pockets are often filled with random notes and sketches.  I have tried to make a habit these days of not stopping something mid idea.  Take it all the way through to the finish and that just pushes me all the harder.

Color Keys - by BunnyDee - $25 USD

One of my favourite parts of interviews is really getting to know an artist's taste. And one of my favourite ways of finding out someone's taste is thru the classic High Fidelity "Top 5" method!

  • Top 5 fave books, movies, music, artists...

This is pretty hard to answer considering I actually work at a bookstore!
Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling
Animal Family by Randell Jarrell
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Coraline By Neil Gaiman

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Piano
Annie Hall
The Harry Potter Movies!

Any soundtrack by Michael Nyman
Jocelyn Pook
Kings of Convenience 
Simon and Garfunkel 

Also another hard one!:)
Maurice Sendak
Aubrey Beardsley
Harry Clarke
Egon Schiele
Gustav Klimt

Love to Read - by BunnyDee - $25 USD

  • How did you come up with your business name?
It is actually my family nickname.  My family calls me Bunny Dee.  It became my business name when I realized that Danielle Gundry-Monji is a bit too hard to remember or even spell.  BunnyDee works just right for me.  

  • How do you combat "creative blocks" in your life?
I try and find a new place to draw. Something to spice up the scenery. I check out fashion blogs, color blogs and look over my favorite books with works by my favorite artists.  I throw on some classical music to get me jazzed about making something!

  • What other favourite hobbies/activities do you enjoy?
I love photography. When I'm not drawing I'm usually out trying to take photos. My grandfather was a photographer so I think a bit of that is in the blood.  I enjoy reading, a wonderful thing about working at a bookstore is being surrounded by inspiration.  

  • If you could have brunch with any person (alive or dead), who would it be & why?
Probably Alan Rickman.  Because I'm the biggest Severus Snape fan.  I'm a HP geek to the max.  I have a tattoo of a golden snitch.  

To find out more about Danielle & check out some of her works, feel free to click on the links!


The Awesome Artist Feature series will be running every Monday on nerd JERK: Inspire Your Inner Geek. If you'd like to participate, feel free to email me at nerdJERK@gmail.com!

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