10 May 2010

Motivated Schmotivated

Gee - Remember all that talk about getting off my butt to get things done since the only way to show things can get done is by doing it?


Well, instead of doin' a ton of blog posts that not only sounded motivational, but rather interesting reads, I ended up spending time with my awesome sister and her boyfriend in San Francisco last week.

When I had to go and sit down to do some blog posts that I'd been thinkin' about doing all week, my face looked something like this:

Incredibly attractive... I know.

But on the plus side, my sister & I had a lot of bonding experiences.

Yesterday, I ended up doing a ton of gardening and felt rather accomplished. SO much so that I thought I outta conquer that whole "How I End Up Makin' a Comic in a Couple of Days" post. Although I'd had a feeling that it would be relatively EPIC, I had no idea how many freakin' references and back story there were in making a 10 panel comic.

And that got me to thinkin'... How much of that story do you guys really wanna know ANYways?

With having rocked the garden pretty hard and forgetting to eat while asking my boyfriend to get back on task (was supposed to be workin' on his work bench for his screen printing business instead of cleaning 3 year-old paintball splatter that'd decorated our garage door), I felt like I might accomplish almost anything. And then I tried tackling the beast-of-a-post for 1.5 hours.

Things That I've Learned From This Experience or MOTIVATION 101:

- Eat something before takin' on big projects. Your friends will thank you.

- Make a list of what needs to get done. This is like a shopping list, just more prioritized. You can even make sub-bullets of awesomeness needing to be addressed so that you don't forget why these things were important.

- Set time goals. Preferably used for the highest priority items so that no matter what, you have addressed them. An example of this was transplanting the plants between 3 PM and 8 PM in order to still have enough daylight to do so.

- Have a Plan B, C & D for next time. It's not always going to happen the way you'd like it to. Having a plan for getting it done no matter what is what'll help get you through.

Lather, rinse & repeat this process.

Simple, yet effective, folks. Having lists = achieving boy scout-esque preparedness status. Feeling like you're prepared can also help you stay on task.

Today my list looks like this:

And since I'm almost done blogging, I think I've got a pretty good chance of getting the rest of it done.



  1. Nice post! I myself am a proud list-aholic, it's the only organisational skill I posses. Thanks to the move, I currently have eighteen lists on my fridge. No Joke.

    P.S. I just spell checked "aholic" out of interest and the list of possible words made me laugh. Spot the odd one out :P


  2. *cracks up* Catholic? That was rad!!

    18 Lists? That's freakin' fantastic! So far, I've finished Blog & 2 hours on Bob-Omb. I'm about to spend some on Boo and when Roger comes home, we'll go to the gym.

    Congrats on the move! What colour is the new fridge?

  3. I totally agree with you about lists. I can't get anything done without them.

    P.S. Thanks for including my City Cats in your Etsy Favorites.

  4. I need more lists to help me get more things done. :D

    I am always glad to feature awesome work on my Favourites. I actually expanded the amount of items allowed to be shown. :D Thanks Deborah!


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