15 May 2010

Geektastic Giveaway!

Hey all!

Here's the scoop:

I was wondering if ya'll would help me vote on the Geeky Embroidery Card that I make for my shop, as they're really time-consuming and I'm kinda boggled as to which one to work on first. Which one would you most likely want to see?

If interested in voting, check it out on the upper right sidebar

The terms

There are many ways to have an entry for this giveaway. Just leave a comment about which ones you've done and it counts as 1 entry!

Here are the different ways to enter:

- Vote on the sidebar & tell us which one you've voted for in your comment.

- "LIKE" our Facebook Fan Page. If you're already our fan, then "Suggest" our page to another friend & it still counts!

- Post this giveaway on your Facebook Page.

- Tweet this giveaway.

- Heart our Etsy Shop and/or an item in our shop [counts as 1 entry EACH].

- Feature your fave item from NerdJerk on your Facebook/Twitter [counts as 1 entry EACH].

- And as suggest by Dominique, following my blog will give you another entry!

On 25th May, I'll announce the random winner of the new Geeky Embroidery Card of their choice!

Thanks for voting! :D


  1. I voted for the tetris blocks. I really like the Mario Fire Flower the best though. You are a favorite shop, I favorited the FireFlower card ;) Your Boo was featured on my FB Fanpage. I just featured your fireflower card on my facebook. So I think that is 5 LOL.

  2. I just posted the giveway on my personal facebook page :)

  3. I voted for tetris :) liked you on FB already, hearted you and one million of your awesome items on etsy already.. so that's 1000003 entries :P

    You should add "follow my blog" to that list :)

  4. I am also a Tetris geek :) But I wouldn't mind seeing all of them, really....

  5. I voted for the mushroom! It was a hard choice. Am already a fan on Facebook. Following your blog. "Suggested" your page. Posted link on Facebook page. Posted on Twitter. Shop hearted. Items hearted. Posted fave item to Facebook. Posted fave item to Twitter.

    Woo hoo I think I got all of them! :)

  6. I went old school and picked Original Nintendo Game Boy:)

  7. I voted for the Mario Mushroom! :)

  8. I now follow your blog! :)


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