28 February 2010

PAC-MAN! Stop-Motion & Acapella! Boo-YA!

Well, if that title wasn't enough to scare you away, then I applaud you.

Seriously, though. Clap. Clap.

Pac-Man Stop Motion Geekdom Video

My friends thought that my Pac-Man mini ghosts were awesome. I even gave one of them to Jeffrey Brown's son, Oscar, to rock out with. He calls it his "orange face." This proves that people like squishy things and having fun with them... cos a 3 year old says so.

But taking it one step further, Bettina Throckmorton thought it would be waaaaaaay cooler if we made video...

The kind of video where things move and stuff.

Crocheted things.

And then, she thought it would be the AWESOME-EST if we did the sounds.... acapella.


So, ladies and gents, there you go. If you want to see colourful crocheted versions of Pac-Man retroness cross your screen to "wee-ooh-wee-ooh" noises made by our mouths, it'll cost ya 30 seconds... but it's pretty cool...

It made my boyfriend laugh. And THAT'S sayin' somethin'. hehe

Let us know how you dig!

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