07 April 2010

Awesome-ating the Blogger Site... Awesome-ating My Blog Posts!

If you're familiar with Strong Bad and his crazy emails, then you'll get the Trogdor the Burnanator reference. And if you didn't, just click on Trogdor link to check out the awesomeness.

Also, play the song on Guitar Hero II if you have that readily available.

I'm not "Burnanating the countryside" but I'm attempting to Awesome-nate this blog, yo.

I'll admit it, I haven't been too awesome with the blog posts and the links. But since I'm working on getting people interested in what I do and how I do it, or even what other people do and how THEY do it, then I should probably post pretty regularly.

Gotta admit that this is a relatively daunting task, seeing as how I had never wanted to blog before I started up Nerd Jerk or watched Julie & Julia, but now that I've got a brand to set up, I best do something about it.

Strangely enough, the thing that got me to wanna blog better OTHER than Julie & Julia was Zombieland.

Yeah... you heard right. I took my cues from a movie meant to show the funny side of gore.... or something... the neurotic side of it?

And I almost never watched this movie (at all!), mainly cos of Woody Harrelson, but I actually enjoyed his character (Tallahassee) the most. His lack of tact and blunt awesomeness made me open my eyes. Yes, it was him who said "Time to NUT UP or SHUT UP!"

So I decided to nut up.

As you're reading this (all 6 followers that I've acquired over a few months of non-work), you're probably thinking, "Wow... she sure does use a lot of nerdy pop culture references." And you'd be absolutely right.

But it's things like this that inspire me. Sure, I use a lot of crafty how-to blog posts and books to help me figure out how to make things more rad, but for the most part, it's movies, comics and TV on DVD.

So here's to actually nuttin' up (despite my obvious lack of testicles), and bloggin' a whole lot more.

And as time goes on, I'll work on actually making content a whole lot more interactive and awesome-ated.

P.S. Any suggestions as to what ya'll would like to hear about?


  1. You better keep posting now or me and your five followers will have to do something about it :)

  2. Well, shucks! I wish that blogger would notify me in my email that I get comments so that I can avoid a mutiny! ;)

  3. Your posts should be filled with more nerdiness. Take it to the nerdiness singularity.

  4. Agreed! One day, I'll be gettin' it to the nerdiest of nerdiness. All in good time, though. :)


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