22 April 2016

I am Steph Cortes & I exist: Coming back from hiatus

geek girls dig big books and they cannot lie
I love big books; I cannot lie. You other writers cannot deny...

If you're here because you have received one of my "crafted" business cards, I'm sorry... but not really.

Besides the whole recently moving from San Francisco, CA to hang out in Boise, ID (a whole other blog post in itself), I've been working on a few things in my life. My biggest focus has been to do what I'm good at for a living instead of doing just what needs to be done in order to survive.

Stuff happened in my life, but then that got handled - so now I can DO ALL THE THINGS!

When I went on (forced) hiatus in 2013, I was not sure if I'd be back to craft it up with all the rad peeps I'd met along the way. I thought I might not be able to live a normal life (health-wise). I thought I wouldn't make it past a lot of obstacles that put me in the place to need an extended break.

But then I took care of myself like I took care of a business and BOOM! Here I am.

I'm not sure Idaho is necessarily "ready for this jelly" (thanks, Beyonce!), but they're probably just gonna have to deal with it, cos here I am... and NOBODY knows me.

For those of you who DO know me (from the SF craft scene, workshops, conferences or books I helped with), you're gonna be STOKED for this blog post. And I heart you something fierce for sticking with me through it all.

For those of you who have only just met me, I'm excited for us both.

Chances are we met at a MeetUp group or a function for the Idaho Writers Guild (I've been to a few). I liked your face or something you said. You laughed at me because I was ridiculously sleep deprived, but also feeling rather ambitious (see note on doing ALL THE THINGS) and I gave you my card.

You know the one... with the janky Post-It note over my old phone number and location. 

I wanna get to know you. We should get to know each other. We should do that soonish.

Talk at me if you feel like it. I genuinely enjoy listening to you. :)

Hearts, words & junk -

- Steph


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    1. Thanks, lady! I'm not gonna lie - it feels pretty dang awesome. ;D


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